Modern inverters are capable of providing 240V AC power anytime and anywhere, thus creating a quiet revolution in the world of technology and industry Telecommunications have been In fact, the inverter converts the stored DC (direct current) electrical energy in its batteries into a standard 240 volt (alternating current) power supply, so that common electrical equipment can use it. With inverter you no longer have to use and find noisy DC appliances and generator, but you can easily and easily from Home Appliances Use anywhere.

Inverters have different types and designs based on the type of application, output and input waveform. In terms of input, inverters are single-phase and three-phase, and in terms of output waveform, they include pure sine inverter, square wave inverter, Modified sine wave, inverter separated from the grid and inverter connected to the grid.

Why should we use industrial and telecommunication inverters?
Undoubtedly, many small electrical devices such as small radios, mobile phone chargers and LED lights run on DC current because it is useful for them and gives the best results. But most of our electronics like refrigerators, <a href="http ://"Laptop, TV, etc. work with AC current and AC power in our homes is supplied, and for this reason, large electrical appliances are designed to work on AC voltage.

The fact is that DC current cannot provide the voltage required by large devices. So AC power is very critical for this equipment. Due to this issue, nowadays inverters are used for various applications due to the ability to convert DC current to AC current.
Industrial inverter applications

Emergency power sources
Welding machines
Conveyor belts
Extruder devices
Air conditioning equipment
All types of agricultural pumps
Types of fans
induction heater
Power supply
and other cases

Advantages of using telecom inverter

Suitable for small and large spaces
Save money on monthly electricity bills
Save energy and fuel if you use a backup generator
Without causing voltage fluctuation caused by compressor
Environmentally friendly due to the use of consistent refrigerant gases
Safe home wiring due to lower energy consumption
Keeping the room temperature constant
It is about 30-50% cheaper to use less energy consumption than conventional AC
Inverters provide more stable operation and there is no change in their performance. Therefore, they provide much more precise and efficient cooling or heating
They work at low voltages without causing any problems
Increasing the life of electrical equipment parts
Can be used and implemented in solar panels

Functional features of single-phase and three-phase inverters

The possibility of changing the speed and direction of the engine
The possibility of reducing the starting current of the motor
The ability to control the engine remotely
The ability to program the movement of the motor
The ability to start the motor in variable voltages
Reduce energy consumption

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