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Explanations about UPS online
Today, many of our daily affairs are done by electronic devices, which naturally each of them needs to be directly and indirectly connected to the city electricity in order to have the necessary efficiency. As you know, city electricity has a lot of fluctuations

If these fluctuations are not well controlled and restrained, they can cause serious damage to the parts and boards used in such devices and even cause them to be destroyed. For this reason, it is necessary to always use a protector. Place between electronic devices and city electricity to prevent such fluctuations and damages that may cause your expensive systems.

One of these protectors is known as UPS, which has different models. is. UPS can be called as the best protection against fluctuations and frequent power outages.

One of the best types of UPS that is used in many companies and organizations today. UPS is online.

Compared to other types of UPS, this model has more and better features, among them, there is no need to put an additional part in order to noise the current, due to having optimized circuits, and also in addition to this feature. It is possible to point out the reasonable price of this type of UPS compared to other types of UPS, for this reason, businesses that want to protect their electronic systems, especially their computer systems, against electrical fluctuations and also the risks caused by Sudden power outages can be protected by providing one or more Online UPS Do this preventively.
Types of UPS (UPS)
UPS are in different types that are divided into three general categories.

1 – standby (offline) UPS
2 – online UPS
3 –
UPS interacting with the line or Line Interactive

1- UPS (UPS) ready to work (offline):
This model of UPS is the cheapest type of UPS, and the way they work, in short, is that in normal conditions, the device is directly connected to the city electricity, and when the power goes out, the UPS notices the problem. and changes status to Battery. This is why these types of UPS are not good UPS because they are not uninterruptible. Therefore, such UPSs should not be used for sensitive devices.
2 – Online UPS
These types of UPS are the best type of UPS, but they are also the most expensive. Of course, the price of these UPSs was much higher in the past, so that they only used online UPSs for commercial applications, but today, with the advancement of technology in this field, the use of online UPSs is also affordable for normal applications. It has been saved. UPS (UPS) online, unlike UPS (UPS) Offline, which starts only during a power failure, is constantly on standby and filters power.

3 – UPS(UPS ) interacting with the line
The next type of UPS is line-interacting UPS. These types of UPS perform well both in managing momentary power outages and by using transformers that adjust their output voltage according to fluctuations. It adjusts electricity in a moment, they have a very low price.

You can buy one or several online UPS for your company or factory. In addition to controlling power fluctuations, by using the batteries in this UPS, you can have enough stored power for when the city power is cut off, which you can use to continue your administrative, production, and service activities. do it
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