Exide UPS Battery

You must have noticed electricity fluctuations and you may have even seen some damages in this field. One of the solutions to prevent power fluctuations is using an Oxide UPS battery. It removes the power fluctuations and delivers a constant current to the consumer device.

Also oxide considering that the industry UPS has, it can provide power to the consumer device for a certain amount of time, which is called ampere-hours, in the event of a power outage. Provide a constant current of electricity so that there is no interruption in the work of the device. The amperage of each battery is different from another battery according to its voltage value.

Battery Internal ComponentsUPS Oxide
These batteries use a current stabilizer or stabilizer, Charger, inverter and internal batteries are formed. The function of the current stabilizer, as its name suggests, is to stabilize the city’s electricity in a situation where its voltage decreases or increases suddenly.
Advantages of using Oxide UPS

It does not need to be maintained in special conditions and it is easy to maintain.
There is no noise pollution.
Eliminates network disturbances.
Eliminates the noise and radiation of the alternating current of the city electricity.
In the event of a power outage, it transfers the stored current to the consumer device during a certain period of time.

Batteries that can be used in UPS

Lithium battery
Lead acid battery
Nickel-cadmium battery

Oxide UPS installation location

centralized systems

In places where there is a concentrated electrical load, that is, electronic equipment with high power consumption are located in one place and it is not possible to separate them from each other, from UPS that have high power (High-Power UPS), It is used centrally; One of the advantages of this method is the gathering of all UPS equipment in one place.

distributed systems

In locations where the load is distributed, multiple UPSs can be used in multiple locations so that each section is powered by one UPS to be placed The advantages of this system compared to the previous system are:

It has a low maintenance cost.
If one part of the UPS oxide is damaged, there will be no interruption in the work of the rest of the UPS.
It is safer at higher powers.

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