UPS King Battery

Pasargad Sanat Bateri company produces UPS batteries under the brand name King or King Power, all of the company’s batteries are of the dry atomic and calcium type, which have been approved by the Iranian Standards Organization. King brand batteries with their good quality have taken over a part of the Iranian market, in the following we will examine more UPS batteries of Pasargad Battery Company (King).

Pasargad Sanat Battery Company
Pasargad Sanat Battery Company was established in 2017 in Garmsar Industrial Town in Semnan Province with the aim of producing 100,000 batteries per year on a land of 10,000 square meters.

In 2010, this company increased the quality of its products by equipping its devices with the latest technology and by adding the best battery producing device in the world and was able to sell its products in Iran.
Since the beginning of its establishment, this company has relied on the science and experience of its engineers by producing UPS batteries with high quality, so that the products This company is much better quality compared to the products of Iranian brands.

UPS batteries Pasargad Sanat Batri Company
Pasargad Sanat Battery Battery Company generally produces two types of batteries, which are:
1. Shield batteries
2. atomic batteries
The main difference between these two types of batteries is the type of sheets used inside, for example, atomic batteries, which are known as dry batteries in Iran, and many people think that inside them There is no acid, while there is acid in atomic batteries, but due to the type of battery and the type of plates, they do not need to be maintained
Among the latest atomic batteries, we can mention the calcium shielded batteries, which are produced and marketed by the King company.

But sealed acid batteries are batteries that require periodic maintenance and service
Last word
UPS King Power batteries are one of the highest quality Iranian batteries that are produced in Pasargad Sanat company and have taken a large part of the Iranian market for themselves. If you also have the installment to buy UPS King Power batteries, you can contact our consultants at Tesla .

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