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Toyota Camry entered the Iranian market in 2007, which was mainly offered to Iranians in three types: Full, Sport and Basic, and was welcomed by Iranians because of its beautiful and Iranian-friendly appearance.

Due to personal import and the non-uniformity of its import origin, various other types such as Limited, Special, etc. also found their way to the streets of our country, and for this reason, it is not possible to make a definite statement about the details of each type.

Of course, there are certain differences in each type, for example, the Camry GL does not have a sunroof, does not have an electric driver’s seat, the steering wheel control buttons have been removed, and therefore there is no cruise control.

But the Camry SE has a drier suspension (with 17-inch rims), its pedals are sporty, it does not have fog lights, it has a 3-spoke steering wheel, it is equipped with an electric rear curtain, and it looks similar to the sports body kit and the black honeycomb front window. Recognizable comfort.

On the other hand, GLXs have wooden decorations in their middle console and doors. Regarding the cabin trim, you should also know that the SE type is only available in black color, while GL and GLX mainly come to Iran with gray and cream cabins.

It must be interesting for you to know that in addition to the four-cylinder Camry, a handful of 6-cylinder 3.5-liter XV40 models also entered our country personally, the 6-cylinder Camry can be recognized by their two exhaust outlets.
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This car, like all cars, has some consumables, which can be referred to as the battery of this car. In this article, we will examine the right battery and fabric battery for Toyota Camry.

Fabric Toyota Camry battery
For this car, Toyota company has chosen a 70 amp acid battery (water-drinking with a cap) as a fabric battery. In the table below, we will examine more details of Toyota Camry fabric battery.

Battery type

Rechargeable acid

Battery voltage

12 volts


70 amps

Battery poles

Long base – favorable or left pole

Battery dimensions (length, width, height)


What type of battery is suitable for Toyota Camry?
Both types of atomic and acid batteries can be installed on a Camry car, but atomic batteries are recommended because they do not require service and maintenance, and they also have a very good lifespan and are safer than acid batteries in terms of security. Let’s use atomic batteries in your car.

For Toyota Camry, be sure to buy according to the technical specifications provided by the factory and choose the original battery.

Toyota Camry battery price and lifespan
The price of the Toyota battery depends on various factors, which we will examine first.

Country of manufacture car battery
Battery manufacturer brand
Battery type (acidic and wet)
Battery capacity
Battery failure date
Battery manufacturing date

To know more about the Toyota Camry battery price, you can contact our experts at Tesla.

Your Toyota Camry battery will normally last between 3 and 5 years, but depending on the type of battery, the battery’s weather conditions, and your driving habits, it can vary greatly.

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