Nickel Cadmium Ups Batteries

Nickel cadmium UPS batteries: A battery is placed inside the UPS, which in the normal state when the voltage is properly present, the UPS charges this battery using electric current. he does. If there is a power outage or a voltage drop, the power supply of the devices will automatically be powered by UPS will change from city power to this battery . This work is done almost instantaneously and the time required for it is about one or two thousandths of a second. And as a result, electrical devices do not notice the interruption of the electric current at all and continue their normal work without damage. Alkaline lithium and silver batteries, lead acid and nickel cadmium is one of the most widely used <a href=" battery/type/"battery types in the construction of UPS.

History of nickel cadmium batteries
In 1899, a Swedish inventor named Waldemar Jungner invented these batteries for the first time. However, until the early 1960s, there was little desire to use these batteries in industries. After that, with the sudden increase in electrical consumption, this battery gained many fans, especially in America and Japan.
compositionsnickel cadmium batteries
These types of batteries use electrodes made of nickel compounds, which is generally nickel hydrate (NiOOH) as the positive electrode. Spongy cadmium (Cd) acts as a negative electrode and diluted potassium hydroxide solution (KOH) acts as an electrolyte in these batteries. The concentration of potassium hydroxide is generally such that it forms between 20 and 35% of the total electrolyte solution.
Features of ni-cad batteries

Long life and very high working time (they have more than 1000 charge and discharge cycles.)
High durability and endurance against electrical and mechanical stresses that threaten the UPS in different environments.
Low spontaneous discharge rate
Low internal resistance

Advantages of nickel cadmium battery compared to other batteries

More endurance
Easier maintenance
Longer effective life
Occupying less space
less weight

Disadvantages of nickel cadmium battery compared to other batteries

The lower voltage of each cell
Voltage drop in discharge mode
Their efficiency is around 60 to 75% and it can be said that they consume a considerable amount of charge.
Higher consumption of distilled water
However, once a year it is necessary to change their electrolyte.
More price
More sensitive to high temperatures

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