UPS repair

UPS is an uninterruptible power supply, which is mainly the task of supplying the required power of the consumer load without stopping. Due to its wide application, the UPS device is very widely used these days. This device has different types, each of which has its own use and is responsible for a specific task.
The basis of UPS work
UPS is a device that enters the circuit without stopping during a power outage and supplies the required electricity without turning off or resetting the used device. UPS device is one of the sensitive electrical devices against fluctuations. In addition to protecting devices from severe power surges and power outages, it can be said that UPS is responsible for stabilizing the power supply in addition to protecting devices.

Types of UPS

UPSs are divided into different categories based on several features. These devices are divided into three types in terms of manufacturing technology: offline UPSs, online UPSs, high-line interactive UPSs, each of these categories is It is divided into several parts.

The second feature on which UPS are classified is the output waveform of the UPS, which is divided into three types of waveforms: step, step sine and sine. The step waveform is basically for devices that have internal power supply, such as a computer, but it produces strong harmonic edges. For this reason, it can be harmful for most devices. Unlike the step waveform, the step sine waveform is suitable for most devices because it has less harmonics. The shape of the sine wave is similar to the electric wave of the city, which is why this wave is also suitable for all devices.
Symptoms of UPS failure
Among the problems that may occur for UPSs, there are things such as the UPS not turning on, the battery not charging, the warning LED not turning on, the battery replacement light not turning on, not providing backup, and generating error messages. win.

You may be wondering what could be the reason for these failures. These reasons are:

Overcharging the UPS battery: Overcharging is one of the factors that cause damage to the UPS battery because if a voltage exceeding the defined amount according to the charging table is connected to the battery, the high current will The battery enters and raises the internal temperature of the battery. This high temperature allows the gas to escape through the valve, which causes corrosion of the positive electrode network and causes problems for the battery.
Short circuit: connecting the two positive and negative poles of the battery by a conductor, which is very destructive and may even cause the complete failure of the battery and cut off its internal circuit. If a short circuit occurs, the battery cannot be repaired.
Improper temperature: the rise and temperature of the air is one of the important issues that affects the efficiency and optimal use of the battery. This has led to the fact that each battery must be placed at a certain temperature according to its manufacturing method, and if the temperature exceeds the permissible limit. Higher temperature causes gas production in the battery and release of oxygen and nitrogen gases at night
Excessive discharge of the battery: one of the most important factors that affect the lifetime of the UPS is the excessive discharge of the battery. This causes sulfation of the lead, which increases the resistance of the battery. If you have chosen a suitable UPS for you, the UPS will not discharge the battery properly, and the UPS will shut down by giving a warning before discharge.
Alternating current entering the battery: Alternating current should not be entered into the UPS battery in any way because it reduces the life of the battery and disrupts its working process.

Battery health test
It is better to test our UPS first to find out if the UPS needs repair or not?!

For this, the easiest way is to cut off the city electricity. If the UPS can supply the required electricity, the UPS is healthy. It is better to know that batteries lose their power after some time and store less current in them.

Another method that can be used to test the battery and ensure that the battery is healthy is to use a battery tester.

Repairs of all types of UPS devices
UPS of any type may encounter problems and need to be repaired. UPS repairs are one of the services that the site provides to users to safely leave their UPS in the hands of experts in this field so that there is no need to prepare UPS again. not and users can improve and upgrade the UPS at a lower cost.

Every person is not able to repair a UPS, and to repair it, you must refer to people who have enough experience in this field, because your UPS device may be damaged due to carelessness. You should leave the UPS for repair to qualified technicians who use advanced methods and tools.