Oil refineries and power plants

Power plant and refinery UPS
The oil and gas refinery of every society is one of the sensitive points of every country and any interruption and problem in production causes a lot of damage.

Knowing this, UPS has become one of the most important tools in these places. It is customary to use high power UPS in refineries.

Now, in this article, an attempt has been made to introduce the use of UPS in the oil refinery.
use of UPS in oil refinery
These centers require uniform and uninterrupted input power; These centers rely on electricity so much that even short-term power outages can cause a lot of damage.

Now, UPS is responsible for supporting these equipments that rely on electricity and controlling this electricity flow to prevent such incidents.

In these places, online UPS are used, in refineries, in addition to production equipment, CCTV system and other small systems also need UPS.

Among the other systems that need UPS, we can mention the fire extinguishing system, and the reason for this is the presence of sensitive sensors in it, which should not fail even for a moment during a power outage.

UPS is a system that is placed between the input power and the equipment and controls voltage fluctuations and noises and sends them to the circuit.

In online UPS used in refineries, during a possible power outage, the UPS enters the circuit with the speed of milliseconds.

It should be noted that battery of these UPS must also be safe from fire, that is, the plastic of UPS batteries must be fireproof.

And finally, refinery UPSs, all of which must be high-power UPSs, are among the most important tools of a refinery.

Industrial UPS for refineries and power plants should be approved and purchased with high quality because these industries are very important and sensitive.

And more importantly, power and energy supply must be uninterrupted, which is also an important issue, Tesla is one of the largest companies in terms of selling industrial UPS, which provides the best UPS for the oil and petro industries. provides chemistry.
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