Three-phase to three-phase UPS

One of the UPSs that are used in the continuous supply of emergency power for electrical devices are three-phase UPSs that start their work during a power outage. Also, these UPSs control electrical fluctuations and When there is city electricity, it charges its batteries and three-phase UPSs adjust the voltage and stabilize it for the consumer when there is city electricity. And it charges the UPS batteries at the same time. This type of UPS is mostly used in factories and places whose devices need three-phase electricity to start working.

Famous three-phase to three-phase UPS manufacturers include Faran, Hejbar Sanat and Faratel. In this article, we will introduce more three-phase UPS batteries.

Where is the electricity required for a three-phase UPS supplied?
Three-phase UPSs are used more in industrial and factory equipment. This type of UPS has a very strong configuration that provides multiple paths and can be used for all voltages, but the required electricity These UPS need to be supplied with three-phase electricity to charge their batteries, also three-phase UPS batteries need They have to be maintained because the three-phase UPS battery wears out.
Three-phase UPS batteries should be placed in appropriate places and continuously check the connections of UPS batteries and periodic services of this type of batteries should be done on site because three-phase UPS batteries It is very sensitive and complex.

Advantages of using three-phase UPS
Three-phase UPSs, which are known as industrial UPSs in the market, are more efficient than single-phase and two-phase UPSs, for this reason, three-phase UPSs are used in factories. Also, three-phase UPS batteries charge the battery when there is city electricity by converting AC power to DC and provide output when the city power is cut using a three-phase output battery. It provides 380 or 400 in a limited time and its sine wave is also complete. Its insulation class is F and the degree of protection against dust and water is IP20.

Last word

Three-phase UPSs are one of the most powerful UPSs available in the market, which controls all power fluctuations and supplies the electricity needed by your devices during power outages. If you are planning to buy a UPS If you have three-phases, you can contact our consultants at Tesla and get a free consultation.

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