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UPS is an uninterruptible power supply that is used as an emergency power supply device to supply important centers, especially hospitals. To use a UPS, the required equipment must be connected to the UPS by a cable to provide the required electricity. In this article, we are going to introduce you to Perso’s UPS. Stay with us.
UPS company Perso
Since these days UPS are one of the best-selling items in the market for supplying power to equipment in emergency situations, there is a tight competition among companies to provide the best UPS. Perso Industrial Company has a history of nearly 30 years in the production of UPS and the most widely used electronic equipment. With the ability to produce various UPSs with home, hospital, corporate, industrial, factory, and office applications, this company has been able to supply UPS to neighboring countries in addition to meeting domestic needs and has a sales representative. And the after-sales service is all over the world.
UPS “PEC-NGD1103B48VDC” Perso company
By producing different types of UPS with different voltages, Perso Company has been able to supply the electricity needed by all kinds of devices, banks, offices, hospitals, etc. Among the UPS used everywhere, which is a product of Perso company, the following can be mentioned:

UPS model “PEC-NGD1103B48VDC”

UPS model “PEC-NGD1103B48VDC” is one of the UPSs suitable for supplying electricity to various places such as hospitals, factories, banks, offices, industrial devices, etc., which in addition to supplying energy from the device connected to this UPS also protects. Therefore, Perso’s UPS is considered one of the best and most efficient UPS used in the industry. This UPS can provide at least 55 minutes of electricity for the devices, depending on the power required by the industrial equipment.

Advantages of UPS model “PEC-NGD1103B48VDC” of Perso company
Among the advantages of UPS model “PEC-NGD1103B48VDC” of Perso company, the following can be mentioned:

Industrial equipment protection in addition to power supply
Power supply for at least 55 minutes depending on the power consumption of the equipment
Having four batteries with 9 amps
The ability to turn on without the need for city electricity
No need for stored current and… are among the advantages of “PEC-NGD1103B48VDC” UPS model of Perso company.

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