Shimatsu Stabilizer

One of the reasons for the failure of industrial and household electronic devices is the fluctuation of electric voltage, when the city electricity fluctuates, electrical devices will fail and burn due to short circuit. In order to prevent this, devices called stabilizers orstabilizers have been created that fully automatic power fluctuations eliminates and delivers constant current with constant voltage to electrical devices, of course, stabilizers tolerate a certain percentage of fluctuations depending on their type and capacity, and its performance is compared to variable voltage input is

From stabilizers in factories for industrial devices, pumps gasoline, home , elevators s and .. can be used. One of the brands that produces quality stabilizers in Japan is Shimatsu, which is reviewed in this article. This company and Shimatsu company will pay.
Shimatsu Co

Shimatsu company was established in Japan in 1875. This manufacturing company is one of the best and with the highest quality. Stabilizer is in the world that this high quality has made it to attract the satisfaction of buyers all over the world and has a large share of the market.

Due to its high quality and good performance, the products of this company have been included in the import list of many companies and these products are exported to many countries, Iran being one of them. These stabilizers effectively eliminate power fluctuations and transmit 220 volts of electricity to the devices in accordance with the Iranian standard.

Also, this company has many international standards and is accepted and approved by the World Standards and Quality Organization. Also, for the first time, it has succeeded in obtaining the international standard certificate from the A++ Institute, which shows the low consumption of these stabilizers.
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