SDF UPS battery

Sadaf Sai Isfahan Battery Production Company, with 3 years of production experience in the field of UPS batteries, is proud to announce the production of 12V 7.2 Amp Battery and 12V 9A has reached mass production and has a share in the production and employment of experienced and committed Iranian workforce in this market full of ups and downs. So that Iranians can have products and goods that are suitable for them and the dignity of being Iranian.

The batteries of this company are available in different capacities, the most widely used of which are 12V 9, 28, 42, 65 and 100 amp systems, which according to the quality of the battery provided, are in A, B grades. , C, D are classified. Among them, 12 volt 9 ampere-hour batteries are the most widely used model due to their small volume and acceptable power.

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