Lead acid Ups Batteries

lead acid UPS batteries are among the popular rechargeable batteries that They control the alternating current of the city and prevent damage to your device during electric current fluctuations.

The main function of a battery is to store electrical energy; Inside the batteries, there is an electrolyte solution in which two metal pieces of different materials are inserted, which generate electric potential by using current.

Types of lead acid batteries with UPS

Battery with VRLA regulating valve
Battery with open door

lead acid battery VRLA is much more modern and safer than lead acid battery It is more commonly used today.
StructureLead-Acid Battery
LAB batteries consist of the following parts:

From the door and the plastic wall that covers its external surface.
A plate separator that acts as an insulator.
negative electro active plates or cathode (NAM)
Positive electro active plates or anode (PAM)
Lead fittings

Strengths and weaknesses of lead acid batteries
Two strengths of LABs that make them used in the automotive industry and the UPS industry are From:

High flow capacity
low price

And another noteworthy point is the weaknesses of this type of battery:

High sensitivity and instability in full discharge
High volume
heavy weight

What is UPS?
UPS has a storage compartment that is the <a href="http://teslaco.net/c/battery/type /lead-acid/ is a lead battery that receives AC electric current and stores it chemically in the batteries. In UPS, electric boards or transformers are used to regulate and stabilize the current.

UPS are installed at the input of electronic devices to provide the necessary power to the device during a power outage or voltage drop and to keep the system safe from possible power fluctuations.

The main parts of lead acid UPS batteries


Features of lead acid UPS batteries

Offline (Offline)

In this type, as long as the power is connected and the conditions are normal, the battery uses the city’s AC current, and when the power is cut, the UPS supplies the DC current of the battery to the power required by the device connected to <a href="http://teslaco. net/c/battery/type/lead-acid/"Lead-acid battery converts and stays active for up to 20 minutes.

Online (Online)

It is an advanced type of offline model that is used both during power outages and during power fluctuations.

Interactive (Line Interactive)

Compared to the previous two models, this model has lower efficiency and higher electricity consumption, and due to high heat production, it has a shorter lifespan. In this type, the output voltage is stabilized by Transformer; It means that the input is cleared of noise before exiting and the voltage level is corrected.

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