Chinese UPS battery

China is a country with a population of one billion four hundred thousand people located in East Asia, which is one of the most populous countries in the world, and the lack of electricity and the strong need for electricity in this country has made it the largest manufacturer of UPS and UPS batteries. Is. In 2007, Chinese investment companies invested 200 billion in UPS and UPS battery manufacturing companies, and with this work, they were able to make significant progress in this field and pocket huge profits.

Among the main equipment for UPS is its battery, which provides the energy required by UPS during power outages and voltage reduction. Various companies operate in the production of UPS batteries in China. It is necessary to use high-quality batteries for UPS because it increases the lifespan of the UPS device. There are various types of Chinese batteries available in the Iranian market, and Lotus Alborz Power Company (Tesla) offers the best and highest quality batteries to its customers. slow
This company was established in 2002 in China and due to offering competitive and low prices, it was able to become one of the largest battery manufacturing companies in China within a few years. This company has been able to take a good share of the Iranian market by providing high quality and diverse products in the field of UPS batteries.

.leoch company
Leuch company was established in 1998 in line with research in the field of UPS and UPS batteries, after several years of research in this field, it started producing UPS batteries, and after its increasing production and numerous activities, this company entered the world market and its share took over a huge market in China and Hong Kong, so that this company is one of the top 15 UPS battery manufacturers in the world and has more than 60 UPS battery production centers in China.
Zoma Company
At the very beginning, this company succeeded in obtaining three of the most famous standard and quality certificates in the world by producing quality batteries. These batteries are designed in such a way that they can maintain their safety in all conditions. UPS batteries They can catch fire for various reasons, but Zuma UPS batteries are flame retardant and have a high safety factor. Also, these devices are sold in two types of nimel cadmium and sildelide acid.

Optima Company
In 1972, this company started its activity in the field of producing batteries for cars, engines and most vehicles. Later, this company started its activity in the field of UPS battery production. The lifetime of Optima batteries is between 3 and 5. Also, this company exports its batteries to more than 46 countries in the world.
Telco Power
Telco Power Technology and Energy Supply Company with more than twenty years of experience in the field of producing motorcycle starter batteries as well as production and sales of UPS batteries. Renewable energy storage batteries pay.
Power Sonic Company
Power Sonic Company has 50 years of experience in the field of battery production and is considered one of the pioneers of this industry. The products of this company are used all over the world with different applications. Also, this company has valid international standards such as ISO 9001. This company has direct cooperation with 1000 people around the world and the main focus of this company is to sell its batteries in The countries of Great Britain, United States of America, France, Mexico and the Netherlands, besides this, the products of this company have many fans in other countries as well.
Solarex Company
Solarex Company is a producer of all types of batteries for telecommunication system, UPS, medical equipment and protection systems. This company produces dry batteries without the need for maintenance and repairs. Also, these batteries have a lifespan of 5 to 7 years and have Production standards are CE, ISO9001, TUV and GL.


In this article, we reviewed some Chinese brands that produce UPS batteries. If you were planning to buy a Chinese UPS battery for your device, you can get free advice from our consultants at Tesla.

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