Optima UPS Battery

The main part of every UPS is the battery built into it.

As long as the power flow is normal and without interruption and excess fluctuation, using its voltage, this UPS battery will be charged.

Then, when the battery needs to be activated, the energy stored in the battery is used as a power source.

Acidic batteries are one of the most widely used types of battery for making are “>UPS. One of the best and reliable manufacturers of the optimized type of this battery is Optima International Company.
Introduction of Optima company
optima company was launched in the middle of 1972 by McLand and John L. DeWitt and was officially registered in China as a company producing various types of batteries.

Although this company now also produces UPS batteries, it did not have such a product at the beginning of its work.

The initial activities of the company were in the field of producing batteries for cars, motorcycles and other vehicles. After the successes achieved in the field of vehicle battery production, with the passage of time, Optima Company was able to launch UPS battery production lines as well.

The company’s main UPS business is focused on medium-life UPS batteries.

At present, with almost 50 years of its activity, Epitma company is exporting sealed lead-acid batteries to 46 countries of the world.
Type of company products
Optima manufactures sealed lead acid batteries. Sealed lead acid or sealed acid is a type of lead acid batteries that, due to their engineering structure, can be used in various fields without the need for repairs.

Sealed acid batteries are used for different electrical applications, but their most important use is in places with high power outages and the need for DC power.

Features of the products

Gas pressure ventilation system: This system is designed in such a way that all the steps of the process of releasing excess gas and sealing are done automatically, and therefore there is no need for human intervention.

Automatic discharge system: If the battery is not used, the discharge is done automatically so as not to damage the device.

Sealing mechanism: This is the main feature of these batteries, which is completely optimized and close to ideal. The oxygen gas that is produced in the positive poles of the battery has a great tendency to react with other elements and compounds in the electronics of the device. In the construction and design of Optima batteries, there is a sealing system. By means of this system, these harmful additional reactions have been completely prevented.

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