Raw Power UPS Battery

UPS batteries Raw Power is one of the best products in Vietnam, which is imported to Iran by Parnian Sazeh Spadata Engineering Company. Also, these products have after-sales service and a 6-month warranty. Due to its high quality, this battery is very popular among consumers and Raw Power Company sells 30 million dollars of batteries annually.

Raw Power UPS battery applications
Raw Power UPS batteries have many applications that we will examine each of them in this part of the article.

Electric wheelchair
Electrical motor
Rechargeable car
Surveillance cameras
parking door
burglar alarm

How to use Raw Power UPS batteries?
These batteries are sealed acid and do not require maintenance. However, there are some things that must be observed in order to increase the life of the battery. For this purpose, the following must be observed:

1-Proper charging and discharging:

One of the most important issues for UPS batteries is charging and discharging according to the standard tables of any type of battery, if this is done correctly If done, it significantly increases the useful life of the batteries. UPS chargers with new technology should be used. It is better to periodically check the battery voltage by an expert to ensure that the battery is fully charged and measure the voltage, charger and charging current so that the charging and discharging cycle of the battery is done correctly.

2- Suitable temperature:

Another factor of battery failure is the heat and high temperature of the environment or factors that cause the battery to heat up, such as improper charging and discharging with high amperage. The ambient temperature of the battery must be between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius according to the standard listed in the catalog.

3-Connections and batteries:

Another important issue that should be considered is the periodic inspection of batteries. In each visit, make sure that the connections between the batteries are completely tight, the battery terminals (terminals) are not oxidized, and the battery is not too hot or swollen. In case of oxidation, first remove the batteries from the circuit and then completely clean the batteries with boiling water and sandpaper so that the conductivity of the batteries is completely maintained. When cleaning the battery head, avoid contact of sulfates with clothes and skin because sulfates are acidic and will harm your skin and clothes. It is worth mentioning that by observing the above-mentioned issues, the useful life of the batteries has increased and the entire capacity of the batteries can be used optimally.

4- Same voltage of batteries:

Considering that UPS batteries are connected in series and all batteries receive the same amount of charging current, the voltage of each battery must be measured separately in each periodic service to determine all batteries. They have the same quality. If it is determined that one or more batteries have a lower voltage than other batteries, these batteries must be removed from the circuit. In devices that work with high direct voltage (DC), if one or more batteries are damaged, these batteries receive the same amount of current as healthy batteries. This causes damaged batteries to get very hot, and if this process continues, it can eventually lead to a fire, so voltage control is very important in every service.

5- Battery cabinet:

In order to avoid short circuit and possible impact, as well as to have a stylish appearance, you must use suitable battery cabinets. These cabinets are made in different sizes and dimensions, according to the number and capacity of batteries, and they usually have rust-resistant static colors and are made of suitable alloy with standard thickness.

To choose a battery, we need to use a suitable battery cabinet for order and safe storage of batteries. Click on the link to have enough information about the battery rack and cabinet.

Last word

If you are looking to buy Raw Power UPS batteries, you can buy these products from Tesla.

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