Alfa UPS

Alpha company is one of the suppliers of many industrial and electrical parts from China, it is also an importer of television cables, broadband, advanced technologies from China, and this company designs innovative solutions for energy supply in the future and Supports innovative ideas.
Alfa company products

Alpha company has a UPS production line in an autonomous factory, which in addition to producing uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) Production of UPS batteries, stabilizer, Standli electrical products and Standli bread strong> produces.

Alfa Group has a wide variety of products, which can be mentioned as follows:

Products in the field of television cable
Width Band
renewable energy
traffic control

last word
Alfa Company has formed an alliance of independent companies that strives to solve the global energy supply. The most reliable and effective energy supply solutions are available.

Relying on the knowledge and efforts of engineers and personnel, Alpha Group established itself as the pioneer of the industry in the design and manufacture of power conversion AC and DC, has created protection and standby products for the global market with the advancement of technology in the world to have reliable energy. It has become more difficult than before to not harm electrical devices. UPS Alpha company, with more than 35 years of experience, can provide solutions for energy supply.

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