Nile UPS Battery

Platinum Iran Company under the brand name of Nile with more than 35 years experience in the field of producing technical and engineering parts and batteries 2V and 12V industrial works. Using the latest technologies of the world and using experienced, efficient and professional engineers and experts, this company has launched products that can compete with similar foreign products.

The quality of this company’s products seeks the satisfaction of customers, customers and consumers. Also, this company’s products have national standards and ISO 9001 quality certificates. Iran’s platinum company under the brand name Neil, relying on its expert engineers, increases the quality of its products and batteries to be competitive with the products of Japanese companies such as Panasonic and …

Nile company’s production departments
The battery production unit of this company includes two production parts.

Production department of two volt acid water stationary batteries

In this department, the batteries required for railways, traveling wagons, electric forklifts, electric substations and water supply up to 3000 amperes are produced.

Production department of 2 volt dry batteries and 12 volt dry batteries:

In this section, 12-volt batteries needed for telecommunication UPS, banks and computer systems are produced. Also, in this section, 2-volt sealed acid batteries are produced for the use of pipeline sites and oil and petrochemical companies.

last word
This company markets its products with a one-year warranty. Among the features of Neil’s batteries, we can mention high discharge capability, maintenance with thick and durable plates, as well as a very good energy source for various industrial uses.

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