A device that periodically converts AC alternating current current into DC direct current by reversing its direction. Rectifiers are said to have different types, such as diode rectifiers, IGBT rectifiers, resistor rectifiers, IGBT + Diode rectifiers, and the most famous rectifiers are diode rectifiers. .

This device can be likened to a one-way check valve because the faucet allows water to flow in one direction just like the rectifier does.
Types of rectifiers

In this part of this article, we will review and introduce the types of rectifiers available in Iran
Full wave rectifier
In full-wave rectifiers, both half-cycles of AC are converted to DC current in this device, no type of wave or part They will not be filtered from the waves, but only two half cycles will be directed by 4 diodes.
Half wave rectifier
The half-wave rectifier allows only half a cycle of AC waves to pass and removes the rest in general. This type of rectifier is used in AM demolition.
Application of rectifier

With rectifier you can convert alternating currents that move alternately in two directions in a circuit to Convert direct currents that only move in one direction because some devices require DC power to operate, such as an induction heater (welding motor) to raise the frequency of the mains power. A rectifier is used to use it.
last word
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