Medical centers and hospitals

Uninterruptible power supply), is a device that is installed next to electrical devices and provides the possibility for the consumer (the same electrical device) to continue working in normal mode during a change or severe voltage drop.

UPS can be used along with any type of electrical device in order to protect and stabilize that device against sudden voltage changes and power cuts and… Its use is not limited to specific places, and ordinary people or experts can use them in the places they need by preparing the right type for their needs whenever they feel the need to use these devices.

UPS in medical centers
It may be safe to say that it is one of the places that urgently needs a UPS, because many medical equipments are sensitive to noise and voltage changes, and if from <a href=" c/ups/application/medical-centers/"UPS in medical centers should not be used, many damages are caused to some medical equipment.

Also, the issue of light in the operating room and other parts of the hospital during power outages was a big problem before the invention of UPS, which was solved later with the invention of UPS and its use in medical centers.
Reasons for the importance of purchasing UPS for hospitals and medical centers
Equipment with X-ray and MIR need high voltage and minimum noise and fluctuation, which can be achieved by using suitable UPS provided enough for this equipment

Although with the advancement of technology, the voltage consumption of these equipments is getting lower and lower every day, and nowadays most of them work with below 10000 volts ampere, but some photographic equipment and laboratory need a high voltage, as in some medical centers to supply their voltage They use industrial and 3-phase electricity.

Also, due to the high price of laboratory equipment any damage or damage is not It not only incurs huge costs, but also endangers the lives of the people who are using these equipments; Therefore, by using UPS, many damages to the equipment are prevented and the risk of danger is reduced to its lowest level.

On the other hand, because medical centers and hospitals deal with patients, the environment should be free of any abnormal noise, so it should be from UPS Low noise should be used for medical centers. Therefore, the only suitable method for providing medical, hospital and laboratory electrical needs is to use UPS.

Anyway, other equipment can be used in hospitals instead of UPS But the most common way to provide the required voltage for medical equipment without noise and sudden voltage change is the use of UPS.
Types of UPS
There are different types of UPS that are divided into three general categories.

1 – standby UPS (offline)
2 – UPS online
3 – UPS interacting with the line or Line Interactive

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