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The UPS device alone is responsible for receiving electric current from the city electricity during a power outage and storing it in the UPS battery and providing a constant flow of electricity during a power outage for uses that UPS batteries without UPS devices They cannot store electric current alone and be efficient.

One of the activities in the hardware industry is UPS repair. As you know, UPS is a power supply that requires electricity.

A UPS is also known as a power supply that sits between the utility system and the consumer device, preventing noise and network disruption to sensitive consumer devices. The uninterruptible power supply supplies your device’s battery with the power it needs.

UPSs, like other electrical products, have problems that require repair. You should know that UPS repairs are special and should never be repaired by the general public. In the following, with Lotus Alborz power boosters, we will examine white UPS and the various challenges in this field.

White UPS

The UPS device is actually an electronic power source whose main task is to continuously provide the power needed by the consumer. In fact, this system is placed between the city electricity and the consumer’s device, and in addition to stabilizing and regulating the electricity network, it prevents noise and network disturbances from penetrating into the consumer’s sensitive equipment.

In addition, the UPS device as a source of uninterrupted power by using the energy stored in its battery, provides the electricity needed by consumer equipment.
It should be noted that using a backup energy such as a UPS system enables the consumer to overcome most of the problems caused by urban electricity and also be able to obtain protection against a total power outage.

In fact, considering the fact that relatively expensive methods can be used with the aim of providing a level of protection against urban electricity problems for the equipment; None of them can protect your systems and equipment against city power problems as well as a UPS device.

It should be mentioned that UPS devices used to be known as an expensive system, but these days, due to the expensiveness of equipment in terms of hardware or information and data, the cost of providing a UPS device, it is quite cheap and affordable.
As said; The main purpose of UPS is to provide an uninterrupted source of energy for the equipment that protects them.

In fact, the plug of an electronic device that is connected to the city electricity; It uses only one power source. Now, if there is a power outage in the city; That device shuts down immediately after a power cut. This is where a UPS disrupts the equation by providing two power sources for that device.

How White UPS works

In fact, UPS are designed in such a way that two energy sources are always available; One of them is the primary energy source or city electricity and the other is the source that enters the circuit if the primary source is interrupted and is called the secondary source or the battery.
Depending on the type of UPS, sometimes a switch is used to control which power source is used at any given time; It is institutionalized. In fact, this switch immediately after realizing that the primary source is out of order; It has changed from the primary state to the secondary state and when the primary source is connected again, it returns from the secondary state to the primary state.

Of course, it should be noted that city electricity is intermittent and therefore your equipment uses alternating electricity; Although all batteries produce direct current. Therefore, a part of the UPS called the charger is responsible for converting alternating energy into direct energy in order to charge the batteries.
In addition, another part called the inverter has been incorporated with the aim of converting the direct energy stored in the battery into alternating current in order to start your device in all UPSs. Therefore, battery, charger and inverter can be mentioned as the main parts of a UPS.

White UPS types

It should be noted that in some types of UPS, there is a large alternating current to direct current converter, and the inverter always provides the necessary power to start the device, and the inverter itself provides the necessary energy from the primary source and through the alternating current converter to It provides directly or from the battery.
In fact, UPS are available in different types and sizes. It should be mentioned that the unit of UPS measurement is power, or basically the product of the voltage multiplied by the output current. It is better to know that the more powerful the inverter of a UPS device is; The power and power of the UPS will also be more; In fact, the number and power of more equipment can be supported. On the other hand, the higher the capacity of the batteries used in the UPS; The time of electrification will be higher when there is a power outage.

Ups -speed-types
Also, different UPSs have different features such as warning alarms when an error or overload occurs, computer control software with the purpose of saving information and turning off the computer and other facilities.

white industries

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It should be mentioned that this company is now using capable employees and using modern technology to manufacture various products such as various types of household, office and store electrical protectors, various types of automatic amplification transformers, various types of industrial chargers. , all kinds of UPS and stabilizers with the Electro white brand.

White UPS repairs

It should be noted that UPS needs specialized inspection and repair in case of failure of any of its parts. In the meantime, ordinary users do not have the necessary skills and expertise to repair this device, and it is possible to cause more damage to the device and themselves by their carelessness; Therefore, it is recommended to entrust your UPS repairs to people who have enough experience and skills in this field.

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