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Due to the increase in the amount of electricity consumed in the communities in every season of the year, the production and supply of electricity for the use of the general public by specialized organizations in this field sometimes face some problems and challenges as a result of the problems of fluctuations and outages. It becomes frequent and daily in the flow of municipal and industrial electricity.

The UPS device alone is responsible for receiving electric current from the city electricity during a power outage and storing it in the UPS battery and providing a constant flow of electricity during a power outage for uses that UPS batteries without UPS devices They cannot store electric current alone and be efficient. In the following, with Teslaco, we will examine the UPS and the challenges in this field.

Sako Industries

Sako brand is actually one of the manufacturers of all kinds of electrical appliances, protection and emergency systems, which is known as one of the first manufacturers of all kinds of protection products, and over the years of its activity, it has always been able to place itself in the category of brands. to be popular in this field and provide best-selling products to the country’s market. In fact, by using modern technology and advanced tools, Sako brand has been able to make products with good quality and has taken effective steps towards the satisfaction of its customers.


At the beginning of the establishment of this brand, the goal of SACO company was to provide accessories and peripheral equipment needed by the country’s industries, which finally managed to specialize in the field of uninterruptible power supplies or UPS, voltage stabilizers, batteries and other related equipment. has expanded its activity and in this way has made all its efforts in using the best UPS production technologies in the world from the leading countries in the field of technology.


as you know In Iran, large companies such as SACO have been active in the field of manufacturing all kinds of UPS for several years and have many UPS production and sales agencies in various cities. In fact, most of the focus of the SACO brand is the manufacture and supply of all types of UPS, batteries and other equipment such as stabilizers and inverters. It is more appropriate to enter into joint production contracts.

As mentioned; Sako brand is active in the field of protective and emergency products. Among the products and manufactures of this company, types of UPS are known as the most important products. In fact, UPS is a type of electrical power supply that has the task of providing the power required by the load without interruption. It should be noted that this device is an intermediary between the municipal electricity and the consumer device, in addition to stabilizing and regulating the network power against sensitive loads, electronic systems, telecommunications, etc. to take Sako UPSs are actually manufactured and supplied in three types: offline UPS, online UPS, and interactive UPS line, each of which has a special design and function.


It should be noted that SACO brand UPSs are made of batteries, battery chargers, an alternating to direct converter, an inverter or a direct to alternating converter, as well as disconnect and connect switches and a bypass switch. It should be mentioned that the mechanism of SACO UPS is based on the fact that while feeding the load from the alternating input, the battery charger charges the alternating input power by converting it to direct power.

In the next step, when the AC input power is interrupted or there is a disturbance in it; An inverter, which is basically the same as a direct current to alternating current converter; It immediately converts the direct voltage of the battery into alternating current and provides the power required by the load. It should be noted that the more powerful the inverter is; The power and power of UPS will be more.

Other SACO products

Among the other products of the Sako brand, we can mention the various types of Sako digital automatic trans, which are available in a wide variety in the market; cited. All kinds of protectors for refrigerators and freezers, computers, and dishwashers are also among the various other products that the Sako brand offers to its customers, and they also have a high variety.

SACO UPS repairs

As mentioned; UPS is an uninterruptible power supply with the purpose of providing emergency power for electronic devices. It should be noted that UPSs can be repaired and it is recommended that UPS devices be serviced periodically or seasonally so that in case of problems, errors and defects can be fixed.

UPS-SACO -Repairs

It should be mentioned that the lifespan of UPS devices is long and as mentioned; If a problem occurs, they can be repaired. Also, the lifespan of UPS batteries is 2 to 5 years depending on the type of brand and the power of the batteries.

How to repair Sako UPS

If the UPS device breaks down, the first step is to make sure that your device is damaged or not. In order to do this, you must pay attention to the UPS screen in the first step to see if your device has an error or not. In the next step, it is recommended to check the connections of the device and make sure that the cables of the device have no problems and are connected to the power source and batteries. It is also necessary to pay attention to the sounds of the device and if you hear different sounds; Immediately contact your UPS device repair center.

How to use and maintain Sako UPS

It is better to install the UPS with the aim of making its maintenance easier; Always place the cabinet or itself at a distance of 100 cm from the side of the wall. It should be noted that the temperature of the place where the UPS is installed; It is very important and it is recommended to be between 10 and 40 degrees Celsius. If the temperature exceeds 40 degrees; Your UPS reduces the precipitation capacity by 10-12% for every 5 degrees Celsius, which is directly related to the life of the device and is vulnerable.


It is also better to move the UPS and the UPS battery from places that are exposed to dust, moisture, and hot temperatures; keep away In fact, the temperature is the main reason for the reduction of the useful life and the better efficiency of the UPS battery. It should be mentioned that the cabinets should have a compartment for proper ventilation and a cooling fan so that the UPS and its battery can work at a suitable temperature of 15 to 25 degrees Celsius and not have any problems.

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Last word

In the above article, we reviewed UPS, Sako Industries, Sako UPS, Sako UPS repairs, how to repair Sako UPS and how to maintain UPS, so that by reading and having this article, you can answer all related questions Find the most accurate and useful answer yourself.

Frequently asked questions about Hejir Sanat UPS repairs

How are Saco UPS repairs?

According to the above article, Sako UPS repairs have some steps that should be taken care of while performing these steps.

How is Saco UPS repair?

UPS devices have some common defects and problems, which we have addressed in the above article and how to repair VPS devices.

What are the common defects and problems in UPS?

Not turning on the device, turning on the device without giving output, not charging the UPS battery, giving an error are some of the most common faults of UPS.

What is the UPS maintenance method?

The main and most important way to maintain a UPS is to read and follow the instructions of the UPS device.

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