Pars Sanat UPS battery

Sanat Rayan Pars Battery Company has more than 25 years of experience in the field of producing lead-acid batteries in Iran. This company under the Sanat brand name produces UPS batteries that use the latest technology. It produces world-class products with excellent quality.

The products of this company are of very high quality and have a very long life span that do not require maintenance. In this article, we will review more UP batteries. Rayan Pars Sanat Company will pay.

Sanat company after sales service
One of the characteristics of Pars Sanat company is the service it provides to its customers after sales. This company, having a very wide network of sales and after sales services in the whole country, meets all the needs of its customers, including battery replacement, It responds to battery repair and UPS repair in the fastest time and with experienced staff in the best way. Among the after-sales services of Sanat Rayan Pars Company, we can mention its one-year replacement warranty

Having a wide sales network in Iran, this company has acquired a large part of the UPS battery sales market, also because of its products. With excellent quality and after-sales service, it exports its products to neighboring countries and with the help of this network, it has become one of Iran’s prominent brands in the field of UPS battery production.
Applications of Sanat Co. UPS batteries
The following can be mentioned among the UPS battery applications of Battery Industry Sanat Company:

Using a UPS device
Use in CCTV cameras
Electric shutter motor
Rechargeable bicycles
Electric cars
Solar systems
electric scooter

Last word

In this article, we talked completely about Pars Sanat UPS battery. If you intend to buy UPS batteries of Sanat Rayan Pars Company, you can contact our consultants at Tesla and get free advice.

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