Iranian UPS battery

UPS is an uninterruptible power supply that is responsible for providing electricity in emergency and power outages. This device requires electric power from the battery. It supplies itself from city electricity. UPS batteries are the intermediary between city electricity and consumer devices, and during voltage fluctuations and sudden changes in circuit current, they protect the devices connected to the UPS and prevent power outages.

In this article, we want to examine the brands of UPS battery manufacturers in Iran.
Saba Battery Company
The largest and oldest battery manufacturing company in Iran is Saba Battery Company, which with 40 years of experience in manufacturing all types of car batteries, UPS batteries and other types of batteries, has succeeded in providing quality batteries to satisfy a wide range of consumers. .

Since recent years, Saba Battery Company has started producing non-automotive batteries such as industrial batteries and UPS batteries, and due to the lack of UPS battery manufacturers in Iran, Saba Battery Company has become the largest battery manufacturer in this field.

This company is divided into three industrial groups, the headquarters of this company is called Saba Battery, and the three industrial groups of this company are as follows:

Haj Amini Industrial Group, which is known as Sadr Battery, produces all kinds of industrial batteries used in UPS, power plants and all kinds of renewable energy supply systems.
Shahid Derakhshan Industrial Group, which produces all kinds of starter batteries for cars, and Saba Battery Company have become famous among the general public with the products of this group.
The third industrial group of this complex is Shahid Aref Industrial Group, which is active in the production of non-ferrous metals, including lead, copper and refractory bricks.

All Saba Battery products have a one-year replacement warranty, and all these services are performed as soon as possible at Saba Battery dealers.

Rayan Pars Sanat Company
This company was founded in 2012 by a group of graduates of Sharif University of Technology and Tehran University, and the founding and executive team of this company has twenty years of experience in the field of telecommunications and UPS battery production. One of the advantages of this company is to benefit from expert forces in battery production and service provision.

The batteries of this company can be used in all weather conditions. These batteries are adapted to the ambient temperature and in terms of charging and discharging, they have the ability to adapt to weather and humidity.

The difference between Sanat Rayan Pars UPS batteries and other batteries is the use of lead with a high percentage of purity, which is used in the production line for all batteries. Many battery manufacturing companies use recycled lead in their batteries, which reduces the useful life of batteries to five years, but the useful life of Sanat Rayan Pars batteries reaches 10 to 12 years, which is an advantage. It is great for this company.


UPS battery Like other batteries, it is a consumer product and will need to be replaced. Chinese battery manufacturing companies use the name and brand of these companies in the production of batteries at the order of the buyer companies, therefore, the companies that carry the name of UPS battery manufacturer are importers of batteries from abroad. In Iran, two Saba Battery Company and Sanat Rayan Pars Company produce UPS batteries.

In general, Sanat batteries have a longer lifespan than Saba batteries, so the lifespan of Saba batteries reaches one year, but the lifespan of Sanat batteries is more than 10 years, that’s why Sanat batteries are more expensive than Saba batteries.

Also, due to the restrictions on importing batteries to Iran, whenever you need to buy Iranian UPS batteries, you can get free advice from our experts on buying domestic batteries.

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