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For those who do not have financial restrictions for off-road riding in Iran, the first and best option for off-road riding in Iran is undoubtedly the Land Cruiser. The updated version of Land Cruiser first came to our country in the 2012 model, except for several VXR models, all its imported versions were GXR models. In the technical part, the engine power of the new 6-cylinder Land Cruiser was equal to the previous 8-cylinder, but fortunately, its fuel consumption did not change. In terms of appearance, the black front window, LED lights, circular fog lights and new bumpers are among the most important differences between Land Cruiser Newface and the previous J200s. After the implementation of the ban on the import of luxury cars, although the Land Cruiser case was closed forever with the laws prohibiting the import of cars in Iran, but instead, the second-hand market of this Japanese car became more and more powerful, so that its price is gradually increased every year. Thanks to its unique technical features and high purchase value, Land Cruiser J200 is perhaps the only SUV in Iran whose owners should not think of selling it. Among the consumables of this car, we can mention its battery, which will be discussed in more detail in this article. a href=””>car battery We will pay the right fabric and batteries for this car.

Fabric battery for Toyota Land Cruiser
Toyota company has chosen a 70 ampere battery as the fabric battery for this car. The following table shows the features of this We will mention the battery:

battery voltage

12 volts

Battery amperage

70 amps

Battery type

long battery

the direction of the poles

Reverse 7029

Note: If you use extra powerful lighting and audio equipment in your Toyota Land Cruiser, you should use batteries with higher amperage.

You can also use 75 amp batteries to 100 amps in this car.
The most suitable battery for Toyota Land Cruiser
For this car, you can use Iranian and Korean batteries of 70 amps as a suitable battery for this car. Among the famous brands of Iranian and Korean batteries, the following can be mentioned.
Korean batteries for Toyota Land Cruiser
In South Korea, there are four battery manufacturing factories that send their products to Iran. Among these cars, the following can be mentioned.

Global South Korea

Atlas BX South Korea

Hyundai South Korea

Delcor South Korea







And …


Full power


And …
And …


And …

Iranian battery suitable for Toyota Land Cruiser
In this part of the article, we will refer to Iranian factories producing suitable batteries and suitable brands for Toyota Land Cruiser.

Manufacturing factory

Famous production brands

Saba battery

Varian Sahand New Armo

Spahan Battery

Atomic Orbital Suzuki

Battery Burner

Global Zitex IAS

Azer battery

Sullivan Vigor Apadana

Nirogostran Khorasan

Shark Silver Sin

Last word

Toyota Land Cruiser is one of the best cars in Japan, which has a very good second-hand market in Iran, and the owners of this car should take good care of these cars and use very good quality batteries if they are looking to buy batteries for Toyota Land Cruiser cars. You can contact our consultants at Tesla and get a free consultation.

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