The design of all electrical and electronic systems is such that they can work with maximum efficiency in a stable and constant supply voltage. But sometimes, for various reasons, the voltage fluctuates significantly and causes serious problems in the efficiency of electrical devices. In these cases, stabilizers prevent these problems by stabilizing the voltage and providing a stable power supply. If you want to learn more about stabilizers and their applications, stay with us.

What is a stabilizer?
Stabilizer is an electrical device that is designed to provide a constant and stable voltage without any fluctuations or Sudden changes are designed for electrical equipment and their protection. In general, stabilizers increase the life and efficiency of household appliances and other electrical equipment by adjusting the voltage, which is why they are often called voltage stabilizers.
Why should stabilizer be used?
In general, each of the electrical equipment and devices are designed for a wide range of input voltage. The efficiency of each equipment is limited to certain values ​​depending on their sensitivity, for example, some equipment can withstand ±10% of the nominal voltage and some others ±5% of the nominal voltage, otherwise their performance will be low. come

Today, in many areas, municipal electricity suffers from noise, fluctuations, sudden disconnection and connection, and a sharp increase or decrease in voltage due to various reasons. These fluctuations and problems cause a lot of damage to electrical appliances. Therefore, it is very necessary to use a stabilizer for more protection of electrical equipment and devices.
types of stabilizers
Stabilizers are divided into the following two categories based on their manufacturing technology and performance:

Relay stabilizer:
In relay stabilizers or step voltage correction is done with an accuracy of 10 volts . This type of stabilizers are very popular for industrial, commercial and home appliances that have a low rate. However, they have several limitations such as slow voltage correction speed, low durability, low reliability, interruption in the power path during adjustment, and low resistance to high voltage.
servomotor stabilizer:
Servo stabilizer is one of the most popular types of voltage stabilizers. In this type of voltage modification is done without any switch. The name servo stabilizer indicates that it uses a servo motor to confirm voltage correction and is mainly used for high output voltage accuracy.

These stabilizers can be single-phase, balanced three-phase and unstable three-phase units. To correct the voltage in single-phase type servo motor with variable transformer, three-phase type with three automatic transformers and in unstable three-phase type with three independent servo motors with three transformers and three separate control circuits.

The advantages of this type of stabilizer over relay stabilizers include higher correction speed, high accuracy of stabilized output, ability to withstand inrush currents and high reliability. However, servo motor stabilizers require periodic maintenance due to the presence of the motor.
Applications of Stabilizer

Medical Equipment and Operating Room
Home appliances such as refrigerator, air conditioner, computer, washing machine
Printing and packaging machines
Cutting machines
CNC machines
Safety Equipment
Lighting equipment
office Equipment
telecommunications equipment
Water pumps
And …

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