Faratel Stabilizer

Electrical systems are designed in such a way that they must have a stable and constant voltage to work with their maximum efficiency. But sometimes the city electricity voltage fluctuates and voltage drops, which causes damage to electrical devices. To solve this problem, devices have been made that reduce power fluctuations and stabilize the voltage, called stabilizer they say. One of the well-known companies producing stabilizers in Iran is Faratel, which has taken a large share of the Iranian market and Tesla has an official sales representative of Faratel UPS and stabilizers.
Faratel Co

This company was established on the 27th of Jundar 1352. This company started with the merger of Faradeh and Telfan companies which were established in 1348. They had “Derakhshani” with each other and at a time when not only in Iran but also in the world there were not many famous brands in the world, Faratel company was active in the field of electronic equipment and devices in Iran.

The activities of Faratel can be divided into 5 periods, each of which has contributed to the development of the electronics industry in Iran.

Due to their high quality and efficiency, the stabilizers and transformers of Faratel have gained a large share of the Iranian market, so that currently more than 6 million Faratel stabilizers have been installed throughout the country. it has been used.
last word
Faratel is one of the most famous companies in Iran in the field of stabilizer and UPS production. This company has an area of ​​more than 8500 square meters, which is expanding day by day. This company has more than 80 after-sales service centers in Iran and the number is increasing day by day.

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