Tescom UPS

UPSs are uninterruptible power supply source that can power important places, important devices including hospital equipment during power failure strong> supply.
Introduction of Tescom company
Tescom Industrial Company was established in the Asian region of Turkey in 1980 and operates in the field of uninterrupted energy production. The first production of Tescom is inverter and electronic control devices and about a few years later, it started to produce emergency power supply UPS.

One of the best advantages of Tescom Industrial Company is its attention to the environment, so they use products that do not harm the environment.
Specifications of UPS Tescom
Tescom brand UPS with on line_double conversion technology in white color and with rated powers of 100000, 120000, 160000, 200000, 250000, 300000 with the best quality and according Made with UPS company standards.

The main duties of Tescom company towards the customer
Among the duties of TESCOM industry to attract customers, the following can be mentioned:

Satisfying the customer by conducting tests and quality control
Close monitoring of product production in the factory
Detailed review of customer feedback before and after purchase
Providing the best and fastest support
24 hour support
Remote monitoring of some Tescom devices and…

Types of Tescom UPS models
The developed company TESCOM has been able to satisfy customers by making various types of UPS for every need and by having an intelligent remote control system for devices with >High sensitivity has been able to enjoy high popularity among competitors for providing the best quality.

You can see the list of types of Tescom UPS.

TESCOM three-phase online industrial UPS AJ300 series

UPS Tescom Offline – LCD series

Line Interactive UPS Tescom series

UPS TESCOM online KR series

UPS TESCOM Online FR series

UPS TESCOM three-phase to single-phase online AJ200 series

last word
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