Peugeot Roa car battery

Peugeot Reva passenger car is a product of Iran Khodro company. This optimized version of the Peugeot Ardi car is the previous product of Iran Khodro Company. In 2005, Iran Khodro started the production and supply of the improved Peugeot Ardi brand under the name Roa with Pikan engine and with optimized parts and modeled based on the current engines of its class. Roa production was stopped in the middle of 88, and Roa Sal was replaced with OHVG2 gas-burning base engine. From the very first days, Peugeot Reva was intended for the middle class of the society, but the combination of the car with the Pikan engine installed with a little change caused many problems such as room vibration, low quality parts, lack of coordination between the room and the rear axle engine, noises The abnormality of the gearbox and the weakness of the power and traction made it suitable for the buyer. It is worth mentioning that after 1388, the regular Peugeot 405 design was also assigned to Rua Sal, which had the full appearance of the regular Peugeot 405. But this car, like many cars, has a lot of consumables, such as car battery, timing belt And the alternator belt pointed.

In this article, we will further examine the fabric battery and battery required for the Peugeot Roa car.

Peugeot Roa fabric battery
Considering the fact that the engine of this car is taken from the Pikan motor car, Iran Khodro Company has considered the 60 amp battery suitable for this car, but you can also use the 66 amp battery in this car as a fabric battery.

Iran Khodro company puts 66 amps and 60 amps on this car at the time of delivery.
Specifications of Peugeot Roa factory battery
In this section, we will review the specifications of the fabric battery of this car


12 volts (V)


Between 60 and 74 AH

Battery type

Charging acid and sealed battery (atomic battery or dry battery)

Battery placement dimensions

192 x 174 x 272 mm

The most suitable battery for Peugeot Roa car
You can use Iranian, Korean, and Chinese brands for this car because they are suitable batteries for Roa. Also, if you use a strong sound system and strong lighting in this car, you can also use 75 amp batteries because this car’s alternator It can charge the battery of this car up to 75 amps. You can also use atomic and acid batteries in this car, but due to the advantage of atomic batteries over acid batteries, we suggest you to use Atomic batteries are for this car.
Peugeot Roa battery price
The price of this car’s battery depends on various factors, for example, if you use foreign batteries with a reputable brand, you will definitely have to pay a higher price, but in general, batteries suitable for this car have a price range between 500 thousand and 3 million tomans. .

Last word

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