Atlas UPS Battery

The Atlas UPS battery is an emergency power source that comes into action when the main source of power supply to the device fluctuates or is interrupted, and flows in the circuit of the device and prevents them from turning off.

These batteries are in three levels with high life, medium life and low life are provided and their other names are maintenance-free batteries or MF.

Types of UPS

Online UPS (UPS Online)
Offline UPS (UPS Offline)
Line Interactive UPS (UPS Line Interactive)
High-Power UPS

Atlas UPS Battery
Atlas battery which uses UPS is produced and distributed in two different types of 80 amps and 100 amps. This battery is designed in such a way that it can withstand strong electrical fluctuations and work well even in adverse conditions.
increasing the UPS battery charging time
Each UPS battery (including Atlas UPS battery) according to amperage and voltage and quantity Internal batteries have different charging times. Sometimes it is thought that by increasing the number of batteries, the charging time can be increased, this idea depends on whether the internal batteries are in series or parallel is correct or incorrect.

In the situation where the batteries are placed in parallel next to each other, they have a constant voltage and their amperage is added together; In this case, it cannot be expected that the amperage of the UPS battery will increase with the increase in the number of batteries; because there is always constant voltage and no change in UPS power supply time.

In the case that internal batteries are connected in series, by observing the voltage of the internal inverter, a higher voltage can be achieved with multiple batteries, which leads to higher amperage hours of Atlas UPS batteries; The reason for this is that in parallel batteries, the ampere is always constant and the voltages are added together.

An important point that we mentioned above is to observe the voltage of the internal inverter; The voltage of each inverter inside different UPS is determined depending on the total voltage of the UPS battery and may be damaged by increasing the number of internal batteries.
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Atlas UPS battery

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