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Stabilizer are installed in order to provide a stable and constant voltage without any fluctuations to protect electrical equipment. Generally, stabilizers are Keeping the voltage constant increases the efficiency and life of electrical appliances (refrigerator, washing machine, computer, etc.).

Using a stabilizer in places that are subject to electrical fluctuations is considered a necessity because these fluctuations cause damage to all electrical appliances and there is even a possibility of ignition of electrical appliances. The fact that the manufacturers of electrical appliances do not guarantee damage and fire caused by electrical fluctuations multiplies the necessity of buying a stabilizer. Also, a stabilizer is necessary for places that are exposed to lightning.

In this article, we will introduce Iranian stabilizer brands.

Brands producing Iranian stabilizers
Like electrical products, stabilizers are produced by several Iranian and foreign brands. In this section, we introduce the best brands of stabilizers in Iran.
Sacco stabilizer
Gerfanor Poya company is the manufacturer of SACO stabilizers, these stabilizers have a one-year replacement warranty and SACO stabilizers are suitable for use in large and small apartments, they are very suitable and protect electrical appliances against urban electricity fluctuations and lightning. . Seiko stabilizers are equipped with a noise filter in their inputs, which eliminates high-wavelength noises.
Perso stabilizer
Among other stabilizer manufacturers, we can mention Perso Electronics Industries. This company introduces its stabilizers with a copper coil and a relay that transfers the output voltage to electrical devices without fluctuations.
Pernik stabilizer
Pernic stabilizers, which are produced by the Green Microprocessor Company, are sold in two types, single-phase and three-phase, in various models. These devices have a digital display screen, three steps of voltage increase and one step of voltage decrease. Its sensitivity value can be adjusted according to the input power conditions
Sarah’s stabilizer
One of the most famous brands of stabilizers is Sara Industrial Group. This company has a three-year golden warranty and ten years of after-sales service for its products. These stabilizers are suitable for use in large and heavy-duty residential units. and small units can be used and protects all electrical appliances against city electricity fluctuations.

Faratel Stabilizer
Fartel stabilizer is one of the best brands in the Iranian market. These stabilizers have been introduced to the market in two types, single-phase and three-phase. These devices are suitable for controlling the voltage of your device and protecting electrical devices against noise and electrical disturbances. and is equipped with a warning system and delay circuit, these devices also have three earthed sockets. The fact that these devices are relays makes the repair of these devices cheap and the switching speed of this device is high.
Faran stabilizer
Another relay stabilizer made in Iran is Faran Stabilizer. These stabilizers are equipped with a voltage stabilization system, automatic voltage regulator, microprocessor control, digital display, internal motor transformer, and a protective filter against noise and city electricity disturbances. The type of stabilizers can be used in commercial centers, hospitals and medical equipment and household appliances.

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