PowerSonic UPS Battery

PowerSonic UPS battery: a battery is placed inside every UPS device. This battery is responsible for maintaining current and voltage without fluctuation. It is charged when there is electricity and it is powered when the electricity is cut off. Considering that the heart of UPS is this battery, it is necessary to prepare and choose its type. He was very careful. In the meantime, Powersonic batteries have attracted a lot of attention over the years with their quality and power.

Introduction of Powersonic Company
Power Sonic has almost 50 years of experience as a leading company in the battery industry, especially UPS batteries. Since its founding in 1970, Powersonic’s focus has been on the design, manufacture and distribution of innovative batteries. Powersonic battery products are used worldwide for a wide variety of electronic and industrial applications. This company has obtained internationally recognized standards, including ISO 9001.

Powersonic claims to be constantly developing new products and improving existing products. The continuous improvement of engineering processes in the company’s production line allows Powersonic to provide valuable products with superior performance to the global markets. More than 1,000 people worldwide work directly with Powersonic. The focus of this company’s product sales is in the United States, Great Britain, France, Mexico and the Netherlands. However, in other countries, the products of this brand have many fans.
Powersonic UPS batteries
UPS batteries Powersonic are almost as old as the company itself and with the prosperity of the company’s work and products More diverse UPS batteries have been produced in large numbers and supplied to international markets. These UPS batteries have been able to gain a special position in the world markets in the first few years of their release; Especially in Europe and America, where UPS batteries are distributed by special centers and agencies. The production of quality batteries and the reputation of the Powersonic brand have been the two main reasons for attracting customers for these batteries in all countries.

Features of products
Powersonic produces various types of UPS batteries in wide prices and sizes for various uses. One of the best and most widely used Powersonic products is sealed lead acid batteries. In addition to being well compatible with the environment, these batteries do not require repairs and hard maintenance conditions and are very efficient and high quality. UPS batteries produced by Powersonic have a long life. These products have charge and discharge cycles with high efficiency and little damage, which makes them power your system from 6 to more than 10 years, depending on the battery type, without any degradation. With the wide variety of Powersonic products, you can get a UPS with the right power for every application and budget.
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PowerSonic UPS battery

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