Sail UPS Battery

UPS battery is included in the structure of all UPS. This battery is charged by the UPS in the normal state when the voltage is suitable, using the electric current. Then, when the UPS must come into action, for example, when there is a power outage or a voltage drop, the power source will automatically change from the city electricity to this battery.

This battery must be able to supply the required power of the system for a certain period of time. Therefore, it is very important what capabilities the battery has. Lead-acid batteries One of the relatively widely used types of batteries in manufacturing UPS. One of the brands in the market that specifically focuses on the production of UPS batteries of the lead acid type (the same acid lead) is Sil.
About Seal brand
This brand actually belongs to Fengfan Co. Is. Research, design, manufacture and sale of pressure regulated lead acid battery (VRLA) under the brand name “Sail” is done by this company. The Seal brand quickly outgrew the company’s name, and its reputation has made the company’s name less recognizable.

The annual production of all types of batteries under the Seal brand is about 1500 million, among which some are UPS batteries. Most of Sil’s products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions and are highly popular among customers. America and East Asia are the main markets of the flood. In general, this company has about 1000 direct employees, of which more than 200 people work in the production of lead-acid batteries under the Seal brand.

UPS batteries produced by Seal have good quality and long life. We will understand this better when we compare them with other lead acid batteries available. Of course, this quality and customer satisfaction is not far from expected, considering that Sel’s focus is on this type of battery.

Standard certificates
Batteries sold under the Seal brand have adopted CE certification. Also, all the products of this brand are manufactured in accordance with IEC and ISO 9001-2000 international quality management system standards. Obtaining these certificates is a guarantee of the quality of UPS batteries made by Seal.
Features of the products
Since then, Seal brand has focused on lead-acid batteries, it has made all its efforts to improve and increase the efficiency of these batteries, and the result is acceptable. Some features of lead-acid batteries produced by Seal are:

Low maintenance costs
Gas regeneration and preventing it from damaging the system and shortening the battery life
Very low and zero self-discharge
Number of charge and discharge cycles which means long life.
Low internal resistance
resistant to ignition and explosion
High discharge characteristic which equates to high efficiency

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