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UPS info
UPS are the power source of industrial and medical equipment that are used in emergency situations. Inform’s UPS are tools that, in addition to being responsible for transmitting electricity to industrial equipment, also correct electricity fluctuations.

One of the advantages of using Inform UPS is its internal battery, which has the ability to power the entire system for 20 minutes in the event of a complete power outage. Of course, if you want this powering time to be faster during a power outage, you can use Inform UPS with external batteries that can power up to one hour.

UPS brands of Inform company
There are different types of Inform UPS that represent those countries and are active at the international level. Cadmium UPS batteries are one of the reliable brands of Inform, which are European, Iranian, Korean, Japanese, etc. UPSs.
UPS information specifications
Among the specifications of Inform UPS, the following can be added:

Equipped with IGBT system at the input and output of the inverter
Equipped with a 3.5-inch touch screen
Wide range of input voltage
It has an input power factor of more than 99% and an output power factor of 9%
Voltage regulation less than 1% voltage harmonic less than 3% and current harmonic less than 4%
Feeding all boards from two separate power sources that support each other
Special walk-in capability to guarantee operation with the same power generator
The possibility of paralleling the devices to increase the power and reliability of up to four devices
Monitoring and control through communication ports with RS232, RS485 and SNMP protocols
It has an adjustable charger for BOOST charging mode to support nickel-cadmium batteries
It has a smart battery charging system to increase battery life and AUTO CUT OFF
The ability to work with motor loads and shock currents and fluctuating and industrial electrical environments
It has two types of manual and automatic bypass keys
It has an instant cut-off switch and…

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