Hitaco UPS Battery

Hitaco was founded in China in early 2002 The main office of this company is located in Shenzhen. Hitako gained a lot of fame in the first years of its establishment because it had detailed and extensive planning for the wide supply of its products from the beginning.

This company was able to find a place among consumers by investing heavily in offering its products in competitive markets within China.

The competitively low prices offered by Hitaku were a bargain in themselves. These prices are partially marketUPCC confused China.

As a result, Hitako was able to become one of the leading and largest UPS battery manufacturers in China within a few years after launching its battery production line.

At present, after almost 20 years since its inception, Hitako has 19 production lines in three factories. These factories are located in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Hongyang, respectively.

Hitaku UPS battery
From the very beginning of its establishment, this company started producing all kinds of batteries, especially lead-acid batteries.

In general, Hitaco UPS batteries can be considered good quality and long lasting batteries. He knew average life. These batteries have a useful life of between 4 and 6 years under perfectly favorable conditions, which is still better than many other UPS manufacturers.

Currently, Hitako company has been able to expand its scope of work by offering various products to global markets and especially to Asia.

The types of batteries that are produced in the Hitako company’s production line include UPS batteries of nickel-cadmium and lead-acid batteries.

These batteries, especially the lead-acid type, have been able to take a large share of Iran’s UPS market.

Due to the economic efficiency of Hitako UPS batteries, especially in Iran, the desire to buy these batteries is increasing every day.

The truth is that Hitako batteries have proven themselves really well for light applications. However, average life is still one of the weak points that turn customers away from low-priced batteries.
Featuresof Hitako UPS batteries
During the 20 years of the company’s history, Hitako batteries have been significantly improved over the original models. In fact, contrary to what is said especially in Iran, the products of this company cannot be called cheap and low-quality Chinese UPS batteries. Some features of Hitaku UPS batteries are:

Compliance with Eurobat, IEC, JIS and BS standards
Stable power supply quality
Very little need for repairs
Safe against spillage and sedimentation
Safety of some new models against ignition and explosion
average life
No fluctuations and bugs during work
No need for special maintenance and care
Internal low pressure gas discharge system
Very little spontaneous discharge
Relatively optimized charge and discharge cycles

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