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About Soft Company
For nearly 100 years, Soft Company, a company belonging to the Total brand, has been marketing its own batteries. The innovative, safe and reliable technology used in these UPS batteries provides excellent performance in All conditions and environments have brought them.

This company, which celebrated its 100th year of operation in 2018, is originally located in Sweden, but has allowed the production of some of its products to its Chinese counterpart with the same name, Soft. Chinese soft products are of high quality and medium life, and most of the company’s exports are from this category of products.

Soft batteries
Soft carries out all the steps of making its batteries, from research and design, to production and sales, with the most modern equipment and the most expert researchers. Soft claims to have employed some of the brightest minds in the development and production of its UPS batteries. This company is a global company employing people from 49 countries.
Lithium ion batteries
The market for lithium-ion batteries has grown exponentially in recent years, and Soft is a global leader in innovation. This is the section. The demand for lithium-ion batteries in industries has made SOFT create a powerful and modern production line for these batteries. These batteries offer a wide range of energy and power, from 1 to 500 kWh. They are for UPS AC and DC, suitable for use in data centers, telecommunications, oil and Gas and industries require strong designed devices.

According to the proprietary soft acid sodium sulfite phosphate (SLFP) technology, UPS batteries are produced. By SOFT, they provide excellent performance compared to other lithium ion UPS batteries. This model of SOFT batteries are remarkably consistent and excellent in terms of power, operating voltage and support time. These systems have very dynamic charging and discharging capabilities and a longer lifespan than VRLA lead-acid batteries. In fact, they are three times more compact, six times lighter and with a cycle life 10 times longer.
Shield lead acid batteries
Soft company also produces sealed lead-acid batteries, which is the most advanced and highly advanced type of lead-acid batteries. Which of this company’s products will work for you depends on the application you need. In fact, Soft steps on the boundaries of knowledge and technology and produces the most advanced ones.

Attention to customers
Soft Battery Company has focused a lot on the study and development of its technology. Supplying creative solutions according to the needs of customers has been and is one of the skills of the researchers of this company.

In order to meet the needs of customers, Soft Company has established a global group of sales and after-sales services for batteries, which includes UPS batteries. So far, the possibility of fast, complete and quality delivery of the products of this company has been provided in more than one hundred and fifty countries of the world.
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