Ritar UPS Battery

Due to the necessity of using UPS in today’s world, many companies are producing this product Have. A number of these companies, according to the needs of the industry and companies, have started upgrading UPS and trying to improve their efficiency and efficiency. Also, the amount of damage and the need for repairs have been reduced to a minimum or even zero by making changes. One of the companies that today UPS batteries with acceptable performance, reasonable price and the ability to compete in It has produced world markets, it is an international company.
Ritar International Group
Ritar Power, or Ritar for short, is a manufacturer of sealed acid lead acid batteries. This company started its official activity in May 2002. Ritar has set its agenda to produce environmentally friendly sealed lead and lead-acid batteries and sells these batteries internationally and wholesale. Ritar has established himself as a legend of the new energy industry in China.

Power Ritar is a high-tech company headquartered in Shenzhen, China, with 3 production bases in Shenzhen, Hongyang and Vietnam, with more than 2,000 employees. The production of a wide range of UPS made this company quickly gain a great reputation and made it possible for this company to be known as UPS and other batteries in the market that was controlled by veteran American and European companies. to be recognized.

Today, Ritar products are exported to more than 200 countries and regions around the world, and after-sales services and guarantees are available in these countries.
Features of Ritar Company
Following the introduction and development of advanced technologies and processes, Ritar established the Ritar Research Center. In this place, more than 50 researchers specializing in the field of batteries, using the most advanced production equipment and testing methods in the world, try to improve and upgrade batteries.

In this research center, Ritar researchers and engineers consider all the necessary conditions to adapt Ritar products to the environment and different ecosystems. One of the slogans of this company is that it makes batteries that do not harm the environment and our planet in any way.
Features of products
Different types of UPS batteries produced by Ritar have many similar features while being different. Some of the features of these UPS batteries are:

Long life and high number of optimal charge and discharge cycles
Energy production with high power and accurate voltage
Protecting the environment by not using cadmium and many other environmental features
Using new ideas in making UPS batteries
The fact that most of the products are acid-free, which in itself leads to high quality.

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