Taiwanese UPS battery

Taiwanese UPS battery
Taiwanese UPS batteries have different types and are produced in different models and brands, and they are also imported to the Iranian market and are of high quality.

Taiwanese battery watch buying guide
When buying Taiwan UPS Battery or any type of imported battery always pay attention It depends on which store you make your purchase from, because some Taiwanese profiteers offer counterfeit and fake batteries to customers with original and original names, because of this you may not make the right purchase, so because You should make your purchases from reputable stores, for example, Tesla store is one of the most experienced and reliable stores in the field of selling UPS and UPS batteries and has chosen all its products from the best brands because satisfaction Customer is very important for Tesla store.
General information about UPS (UPS)
What is a UPS and what is its use? Today, many of our daily affairs are done by electronic devices, which naturally each of them needs to be directly and indirectly connected to the city electricity in order to have the necessary efficiency. As you know, city electricity has a lot of fluctuations

If these fluctuations are not well controlled and restrained, they can cause serious damage to the parts and boards used in such devices and even cause them to be destroyed. For this reason, it is necessary to always use a protector. Place between electronic devices and city electricity to prevent such fluctuations and damages that may cause your expensive systems.
The lifespan of UPS batteries
Some of the UPS batteries available in the market have a 3-year warranty and their lifespan is approximately 6 to 8 years, which has a lot of sales both inside and outside the country.

One of these protectors is known as UPS, which has different models. is. UPS can be called as the best protection against fluctuations and frequent power outages.
Types of UPS batteries based on amperes
4.5 amp battery

7.2 amp battery

9 amp battery

18 amp battery

28 amp battery

42 amp battery

65 amp battery

100 amp battery

0.8 amp battery

1.3 amp battery

2.3 amp battery

3 amp battery

4 amp battery

5 amp battery

7 amp battery

7.5 amp battery

12 amp battery

22 amp battery

23 amp battery

26 amp battery

27 amp battery

30 amp battery

35 amp battery

40 amp battery

45 amp battery

50 amp battery

55 amp battery

70 amp battery

75 amp battery

80 amp battery

90 amp battery

115 amp battery

120 amp battery

150 amp battery

155 amp battery

200 amp battery

Buying guide from Tesla store
You can order all types of UPS batteries and ups equipment and all types of batteries with the best quality and price from the Tesla website and they will be delivered with the best quality and price. Buy quality from the Tesla store.

Tesla Supply all its products and accessories directly and without intermediaries to customers. and customers no longer pay additional fees for mediation.

If you have any questions and requests for advice about your purchase, you can contact the support numbers and share your problem and question with our experts.

Support and establishment numbersContactwith Tesla (02188312456 / 02188861253 ) .

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