Wet 2V OPZS battery

2 volt opzs batteries have 2 volt cells from 200 to 3000 amp hours and are made in transparent plastic covers whose plates are immersed in acid and to reach the voltage we have to use lead belts and lead bridges But for two-volt batteries that have low amperage, in order to reach the desired voltage, the belts are connected with bolts and nuts to provide the final voltage.

More opzs 2 volt battery applications
2 volt opzs batteries have many uses, and in this part of the article, we will further examine the use of 2 volt batteries.
·      2V opzs batteries are mostly used in telecommunication industries
·      These batteries can be used in power plant work.
·      can be used in pumps
·     at PS Hospitals
·     Ups Elevator
·     computer systems
It is necessary to explain that copper belt connections are plated in amperes from 200 ampere hours to 600 ampere hours
And from 600 amperes to 3000 amperes, the connections are in the form of lead fasteners with welding.

Tesla products
One of the products that Tesla is selling as 2 volt opzs batteries is the products of Platin Iran.
Iran Platinum Company operates with a 35-year history in manufacturing technical engineering parts and all kinds of Nile industrial batteries (2 volt and 12 volt). With an area of ​​2.5 hectares, this company has 6,500 square meters of hall and administrative buildings, a warehouse and an industrial battery manufacturing department. The manufacturing unit of industrial batteries in Nile consists of 2 parts; The production unit of 2 V static water batteries, acid or wet, and the production unit of 2 V and 12 V sealed or dry batteries.
The battery production department produces all types of batteries required for telecommunications, railways, passenger cars, electric forklifts, electricity and water supply substations with a capacity of up to 3000 amp hours, and the production department produces 12 V battery types required for UPS, all types of telecommunication sites, banks. and provides computer systems and 2 volt sealed batteries covers the use of power stations, telecommunication systems and pipelines, oil and petrochemical sites and similar.
Last word
2 volt opzs batteries are one of the most practical batteries in the market. If you are planning to buy 2 volt opzs batteries, you can contact our consultants at <a href="https://teslaco.net/" Call Tesla and get a free consultation.

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