Peugeot Pars car battery

Peugeot Pars is one of the cars of Iran Khodro company, which was presented to the world market in the 70s using the 405 car platform. This car was first presented to the market as a facelift of the 405 car, but due to its beautiful appearance, it was presented to the market as a It became one of the most popular and best-selling cars in Iran, whose production continues to this day, and it also has a very prosperous second-hand market.
This car has some consumables, one of which is battery car Peugeot Pars In this article, we will examine the most suitable battery for the Peugeot Pars car.
The most suitable battery for Peugeot Pars car

Iran Khodro company has considered 65 amp batteries for this car. 65 amp batteries are suitable for this car both in terms of amperage and in terms of dimensions, and under normal conditions, it meets the needs of this car, but if your car is equipped with If you use other things like powerful lights and audio system, you should use a more powerful battery than 65 amp battery.
Suitable dimensions for Peugeot Pars car battery
A suitable battery for a Peugeot Pars car, in addition to being more than 65 amperes, must also have suitable dimensions. In this section, we will discuss the dimensions of a suitable battery for a Peugeot Pars car.

Battery length: 28 cm
Battery width: 18 cm
Battery height: 28 cm

Note: As we said, all sizes of 45 amp batteries are suitable for this car, you should keep these sizes in mind when buying batteries with higher amperage.
The best brand for Peugeot Pars car battery

You need to do a little research when buying a Peugeot Paris car battery, but in this part of the article we will introduce some of the best battery brands for Peugeot Pars cars.

Suitable brands for 66 to 74 amp batteries:

sepahan car battery
Car Battery Borna
Saba car battery

These brands are among the best car battery brands in Iran, but the following can be mentioned from foreign brands

Delkor car battery
Hyundai battery

Note: If you are looking to buy quality batteries, Korean car battery is also one of our suggestions. .

Last word

If you are looking to buy a battery for your Peugeot Pars car, the brands we introduced earlier are the most suitable brands for Peugeot Pars car batteries. You can also contact our consultants at Tesla for advice on buying a Peugeot Pars car battery and get free advice.

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