Major buyer of scrap batteries

ضایعات باتری

Battery wastes are not left in the nature because of the many environmental pollution they have. Dead battery companies buy these batteries from their dealers and recycle them.

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What is car battery waste?

Batteries are responsible for providing the necessary energy for the movement of machines. At the end of their useful life, batteries become waste batteries. After recycling the waste battery, it can be used to make new batteries.

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Who are the buyers of scrap batteries?

Buyers of battery waste prevent environmental pollution by collecting and recycling this waste. After recycling, the lead inside the battery can be used again to make a new battery.

Battery waste can be purchased in two ways:

  • Purchase by ampere
  • Purchase in kilograms

What factors affect the purchase price of battery waste?

Among the effective factors in the price of buying scrap batteries, the following can be mentioned:

  • Transportation of waste batteries has a cost. Therefore, the cost of transportation is effective in the purchase price of battery waste.
  • The method of recycling and the equipment and machines used in it have different costs. Recycling costs is another effective factor in the purchase price of scrap batteries.
  • The global price of lead is the most important factor affecting the purchase price of battery waste.
  • Market conditions can also be effective in the purchase price of scrap batteries.

What is the reason for buying scrap UPS batteries?

  • About 40% of the lead used in batteries comes from battery waste recycling. Most of the weight of batteries is from the lead in them. By purchasing battery scraps after recycling, this lead returns to the industrial cycle again.
  • With the release of battery waste, there is a possibility of battery acid leakage, so if it comes into contact with the eyes, it will cause eye blindness. Also, by swallowing the battery acid, it becomes severely poisoned.
  • From the combination of lead and electrolytes inside the battery, a toxic and dangerous substance is created.
  • Poisonous gases are scattered in the air from battery waste, which will cause air pollution and lung diseases.
  • If battery waste is buried under the soil, it will pollute the soil of the area.
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