2 volt batteries

Saba Battery is one of the famous companies with a brilliant history of several years in the field of producing all kinds of batteries in the country and the Middle East. Saba company has a high variety of products for various industrial uses. Saba 2 volt batteries, which are also known as telecommunication batteries, are among the best-selling batteries of this company.

About Saba 2 volt dry battery                     

Saba 2 volt batteries are designed in two types: dry and wet or blue. Its distinctive features are long life, low volume and weight, and no need for service and maintenance. Due to their special structure, there will be no leakage of electrolyte and the spontaneous discharge of the battery will be the lowest.

Consumption of 2 volt battery

Telecommunication systems
UPS systems
Power plant systems
Emergency power systems
security systems
Control equipment

What UPS should we buy?
To buy UPS batteries, you should consider several points in order to buy the most suitable ones according to your desired efficiency:

Backup Time
Consumption and required power
Ability to set parameters
Internal Battery / External Battery
UPS Online / UPS Offline
Warranty and after-sales service
Distributed UPS / Centralized UPS
Power consumption of consumer devices

Battery can be ordered in two ways:
1- Register the order of 2 volt Saba dry battery by phone with the phone number 88312456-021 and 88861253-021

2- Registering the order of 2 volt Saba dry battery by visiting the website cactoos.net

Got any questions? For technical support, please call us +982188861253 +982188312456 +989194551896 +989104609393

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