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Batteries that have reached the end of their useful life are waste batteries and should not be left in nature. Dead Battery Buyers buy and recycle these batteries.

Car battery waste

All cars need a device to provide the necessary energy in order to move. Batteries are responsible for generating power for cars. And no matter how new these batteries are, they will perform the task of producing the driving force correctly.

Batiri Khodro

UPS battery waste

UPS battery does not need maintenance. This battery is a sealed acid type and has a voltage of 12 volts. Inside the UPS battery, 6 2V cells are connected in series. Sealed means isolation and leakage is prevented. Do not throw away this waste in any way, Tesla company buys this waste from you at a good price.

Battery UPS

Waste battery

Batteries are responsible for moving urban, industrial and agricultural machines, but batteries have a useful life and after the passage of time and the end of their useful life, they become waste batteries.

Waste battery buyer

There are companies that dead batteries factories, Banks, car repair shops, government centers and hospitals They buy The daily price of used bottles depends on market conditions and recycling costs. To find out the price of a used battery, it is easily possible through websites and stores that buy waste batteries.

Khiridar Batiri Waste

Some countries that don’t have a used battery recycling plant in their country collect these batteries and sell them to other countries to keep their environment healthy.

Reasons for buying waste batteries

  • Normal car batteries weigh about fifteen to eighteen kilograms, of which about one kilogram is plastic and the battery body, three to four liters are battery acid, and the most important and valuable part of the battery, i.e. lead, makes up the rest of the battery’s weight. .
  • When lead is combined with the electrolyte inside the battery, it is very toxic and dangerous, so it is dangerous to leave it in nature and the environment.
  • Battery acid contact with the eyes causes blindness, and if the battery lead is swallowed, it causes severe poisoning.
  • A worn-out battery disperses gases in the air, which causes air pollution and lung damage. If we bury a battery underground, its soil will also be contaminated and cause disease

Therefore, we conclude that the recycling of waste battery is possible using experts and special equipment, to re – Enter the industrial cycle.

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