Korean Stabilizer

With the advancement of technology and science, devices have entered the market that can be used to control the fluctuations of the city electric current (AC). The name of this device is It is stabilizer . Today’s stabilizers are so advanced that by setting it to one number, the current can be kept at the same voltage number.

These stabilizers can detect fluctuations that occur within a millisecond and prevent damage caused by fluctuations. Perhaps the use of stabilizer is not important to you, but in sensitive industries such as CNG or petrochemical industries that work with electricity, the presence of this device is mandatory. And it is also very effective in the field of protecting computers, household appliances, etc., because the issue is several million capital.

Koreans have made significant progress in the electrical industry in recent years and UPS and Stabilizers are produced with high quality and efficiency, these products have shone very brightly in the world market and have taken a part of the world market from The most famous brands of UPS, UPS batteries and stabilizers can be mentioned by OMEGA.
Omega Co

Omega company produces its stabilizers according to Iranian standards to strengthen and stabilize the voltage, which can be used in general. Omega company’s stabilizer devices are very resistant to AC power fluctuations and disturbances and protect your devices, which increases the life of devices and prevents them from breaking down.

The devices of this company can take city electricity between 140 and 260 volts, which is for computers and home appliances, and deliver electricity output of 200 to 110 volts without any fluctuation. Omega stabilizer devices can be used in the following cases:

Industry (CNG stations, printing, packaging, etc.)
hospital (mri, ultrasound, operating room, CT scan, etc.)
Laboratory (quality control department and…)
home (household appliances such as TV, refrigerator, computer, etc.)
General use (elevator, water pump, etc.)

last word
Korean stabilizers are among the best in the market of Iran and the world, especially the products of Omega company, which are of high quality, quality and efficiency. Also, if you intend to buy stabilizers for work, home, etc., you can contact our consultants at Tesla.

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