Industrial and manufacturing factories

Industrial and manufacturing plants: Uninterruptible power supplies or UPS are devices that guarantee uninterrupted continuity of the production cycle. Therefore, they are one of the most important and sensitive sectors in factories and industries.

Due to the extreme sensitivity of this part, it is necessary to have sufficient knowledge of suitable industrial ups It had factories.

The reason for using UPS in industrial and production factories
We need good quality of electricity for most industrial devices.

We know that fluctuations and power outages happen in many cases. Considering the very high cost that is needed to provide or repair any device, it is better to protect the factory with a strong UPS.

The emergency power consumption in a large factory can be up to 500 kVA. Its exact amount depends on the type of electricity use and the extent of its use in terms of the number of devices and the size of the factory.

Therefore, the type of UPS depends on the type of factory, but a powerful UPS must be used. These UPS are usually large in size and high in price.
What features should industrial factories UPS have?
Some required technical specifications:

It has an online circuit
High power (at least about 250 kV single-phase ampere and 500 kV ampere three-phase)
Reliable and high efficiency
High quality and strength
Low output distortion and fluctuations
Fast step load response time
Compatible with standards such as IEC, IPS, NEMA

Industrial UPS are actually known as a high power power source and have the same amount of power required. This UPS must be installed with the automatic and manual control panel and with all the fuses and safety and monitoring equipment.

Because in factories, in most cases, this electricity is used to start the electric motors of the machines.

It is necessary for the UPS to have overload tolerance so that there is no problem. Although it is better to use soft starters.
Maintenance of UPS of industrial plants
Due to the high cost of UPS suitable for factories, the necessary measures for their care and maintenance should be followed carefully. The most basic reason for reducing the life of industrial UPS can be considered the heat produced in the device. This heat can cause serious damage in cheaper models.

For this purpose, it is necessary to keep the room related to UPS dry and cool. For more care, each board must have its own cooling system. Checking the quality of acid and battery should be done at least once a month.
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Industrial and production factories

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