Persian UPS

In recent years and with the advancement of technology and new technologies, new and expensive devices and equipment have been invented and used, meanwhile the problem of protecting these devices against voltage drop and voltage change and other risks that these devices They threaten has become an important and vital matter.
What is UPS?
General explanations to learn more about UPS and its use: UPS (in English: Uninterruptible power supply) is actually an uninterrupted power supply that, along with systems such as computers and… that consume electricity, It is installed and prevents the damage that may be caused to the device during city electricity fluctuations.

Is Iranian or foreign UPS better?
UPS are used to protect these equipments from potential electrical hazards such as those mentioned above. In order to meet its needs, Iran has localized, manufactured and exported UPS for use in hospital, institutional, home, etc. places.
Among the Iranian companies and brands that produce UPS, the following brands can be mentioned:

Hajir Sanat

These companies can be divided into 5 main categories:

UPS Manufacturer
UPS assembler
UPS Importer
UPS Representative
UPS Seller and Supplier

Advantages of Iranian UPS
In order to attract the attention of customers, the UPS manufacturing companies are building and producing UPS with new quality and capabilities, which will cause more sales and distinguish their brand name among other brands. UPS manufacturing companies are no exception to this rule and launch new features every day.

These capabilities and features can include the appearance of the device, color, size, weight, features UPS , service and support, warranty and even the price of UPS and… All these things can be considered from efficiency, level of device protection and service as the most important ones. The fact that Iranian UPS, in addition to having good quality, has a reasonable price compared to other UPS made in other countries. Also, Iranian UPSs have relatively better warranty and after-sales service than U They have European PSs.

It should also go without saying that some of the domestic UPS manufacturing companies, U They produce and export very high quality and functional UPS to other countries and from many Chinese and European UPSs and UPSs made in other countries. have better performance and durability.

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