UPS battery

UPS battery Batteries are a source of energy storage that today most devices work with and people use them in many different ways. There are different types of batteries, UPS battery is an example of them, these batteries are divided into three levels of high life, medium life and low life, high life batteries include > UPS batteries Fiam Italy, Panasonic and Sunlight. Also UPS Batteries ritar, long, narada, newmax, Hitaco, Rocket, Voltamax and Voltex is one of the medium-life UPS batteries.

Types of UPS batteries
lead acid
Nickel Cadmium
Understanding UPS batteries
It can be said that UPS system without UPS battery has no function and it cannot be used and is completely unusable. This battery is made with a special technology and they are of sealed lead acid type.

Differences between UPS batteries and car batteries
First of all, it is better to know that the structure and construction of UPS batteries and car batteries are very different. As it was said, UPS batteries are of sealed lead acid type, which means they must be installed in a static place, while the car battery must be constantly moving, for this reason UPS batteries for cars are not used. Car batteries are made and designed in such a way that they work while moving and are completely suitable for cars, so that if the car does not work for a long time, the battery will be empty.

Types of UPS batteries based on volts
12 volt
Some standard amperages used for UPS batteries are: 1.2AH, 9AH, 12AH, 18AH, 28AH, 42AH, 65AH, 100AH, 120AH, 200AH

Types of UPS batteries based on ampere
4.5 amp battery
7.2 amp battery
9 amp battery
18 amp battery
28 amp battery
42 amp battery
65 amp battery
100 amp battery
0.8 amp battery
1.3 amp battery
2.3 amp battery
3 amp battery
4 amp battery
5 amp battery
7 amp battery
7.5 amp battery
12 amp battery
22 amp battery
23 amp battery
26 amp battery
27 amp battery
30 amp battery
35 amp battery
40 amp battery
45 amp battery
50 amp battery
55 amp battery
70 amp battery
75 amp battery
80 amp battery
90 amp battery
115 amp battery
120 amp battery
150 amp battery
155 amp battery
200 amp battery
The price of UPS batteries
It is better to know that you should not judge the quality of UPS batteries based on their price, but the battery quality depends on factors such as UPS battery weight, battery length It depends on the UPS and its manufacturing technology.

The lifespan of UPS batteries
Some of the UPS batteries available in the market have a 3-year warranty and their lifespan is approximately 6 to 8 years, which has a lot of sales in the country and abroad.
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