Sepahan Battery Company

Sepahan Battery Company was established on 12/08/1378 in Flowerjan, Isfahan, and started its activity with the establishment of Tuan Battery Company in 1379, which is a subsidiary of Sepahan Battery Company. This company first began assembling foreign-produced batteries, then after developing the factory’s infrastructure, they changed their work from battery assembly to battery production.

Sepahan Battery Company has the national standard mark, green industry mark from the country’s environmental organization and also has ISO 14000, ISO18000 and ISTS international certificates. One of the most famous brands of this company that is produced in cooperation with the Japanese is Suzuki battery. This company produces 5 million batteries annually, also the devices and equipment of this company are fully automatic and have been purchased from the most famous suppliers of battery production equipment in Europe.

Sepahan Battery Company has four sub-companies, which are:

Parsian Industrial Complex
Sepahan Plast
Middle East distribution and transportation
Battery power

This company was selected as the best supplier among all parts manufacturers of Saipa and Iran Khodro parts group in 1386 and was selected as the best battery supplier in Iran in the same year. .

This company light and heavy car batteries with different amperages, Battery UPS produces a variety of battery plates with casting technology and calcium plates using the latest European technology.

The brands produced by Sepahan Battery Company are:

Orbital One Silver
Power X
Van Silver

The company has twenty provincial offices, 750 after-sales service representatives and over 300 sales representatives across the country.

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