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Electronic Industries Company Faran in 1368 with the aim of operating in the field of production Electronic, communication and computer equipments were established. The name of Faran is derived from the Hebrew name of Mount Jabal al-Nur, where Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was sent as a messenger. (taken from the text of Samat’s prayer).

Brief introduction of Faran company
The main focus of Faran Electronics Industries Company is production and distribution of UP batteries and other equipment such as stabilizers and inverters, in line with the transfer of technical know-how and technology to the country and the production of equipment with better quality and more reasonable prices, than entering into joint production contracts with several reputable European companies and Asian has taken action.

This company opened the battery production development line in 2008 with the presence of the Deputy Ministry of Industries and Mines, and expanded the factory to a total area of ​​8900 square meters in Kermanshah province, and a head office with a total area of ​​2000 square meters in Tehran province, Shahrek Tehsil. The campus is operating with more than 100 expert and technical personnel and also presents its products through more than 50 agencies throughout Iran.

It is worth mentioning that this company has started its activity in the field of using solar energy in the stages of design, supply, installation and operation since 2013. By having European and Japanese equipment and devices with suitable production quality and high efficiency, Faran has become one of the most prominent companies active in this field. And so far, it has successfully implemented more than 15 cities and 50 solar projects. Today, with 29 years of valuable work experience, Faran has taken very effective steps in advancing and improving the quality and quantity of products and services, with the aim of creating the highest level of customer satisfaction.

In order to achieve the established goals, Faran’s organizational slogan “…sustain it” means that all the company’s products and services prolong the lifespan and time of use of electrical and electronic devices. > It is possible for you, the dear customers of Faran, to enjoy working with the electronic world with more peace, security and pleasure, so you, dear customers, ask for your continued patience…

Sustain it: energy, electricity, time of use, longevity, savings, work efficiency, protection, peace, security, pleasure, working with the world of electricity and electronics FARAN Always On: Sustain it… Sustain your: Energy. Power. Electronics, Protection, Solace, Joy, life time & Use time Saving your money, Safety, Work Efficiency

Faran company products including UPS:

UPS High Line Interactive – online – low frequency online – three phase online
12 volt general and front terminal sealed lead acid batteries and 2 volt batteries
Protection and multiplexing of electricity
Inverter types
Types of solar panels
Wind Turbine
Solar system structure and tracker and all solar system equipment
LED lighting

Golden warranty services of Faran company:
18 months of product warranty, 5 years of after-sales service, technical support and spare parts supply, holding training courses, providing feedback form from customers to check the performance of Faran forces to improve the quality of support of manufactured products, providing periodical services. Production volume of 120,000 units
A brief description of Faran company’s services:

Manufacturer and supplier of types of sinusoidal UPS On-Line and Line-Interactive from VA500 to KVA 800 With the latest technology in the world
The only exclusive agent for sales and after-sales service of sales of AEG Germany UPS in Iran
The official sales and after-sales service agency of Siel Italy UPS in Iran
The exclusive representative of sealed acid batteries from B.B Japan in Iran.
The exclusive representative of sealed acid batteries from Faam Italy in Iran
Manufacturer of sealed acid battery in different amperage with Faran name
Selling Korean batteries in Iran with one year warranty
Inverter with different powers from 100 watts to 8000 watts for the use of telecommunication centers and mobile phones, three-phase and single-phase from the Swiss company Studer
Inverter with different powers from 200 watts to 3000 watts for the use of telecommunication centers and mobile phones, single phase from the Taiwanese company Cotek
Telecommunication Switching Mode Rectifier chargers from the German company Steca in different working voltage capacities of 12-24-48 volts and 5 amps to 50 amps
Switching Mode Rectifier Chargers /ups/brands/faran/”>Faran
in different working voltage capacities of 12-24-48 volts and 5 amps to 50 amps
Activities in the field of solar equipment from design, procurement, installation and commissioning, training to operation
The official representative of the German SMA company regarding the provision of all products (inverters, chargers, etc.)
The official representative of the Steca company in Germany regarding the provision of all products (chargers, inverters, current recording systems, etc.)
Official representation of three prominent companies Hanwha solar one, JA Solar and Lorentz Germany in the field of solar panels and solar equipment
The official representative of the Swiss company Studer regarding the provision of all products (inverters, chargers, etc.)
Additional equipment of solar equipment including inverter, charge controller, etc.
Activities in the field of LED lighting and supplier of Korean LED Panels (with the approval of Tehran University), street lighting

Appreciation letters and awards received

Faran company’s UPS applications
Faran company UPS are usually for hospitals and medical centers, Banks, data center, municipal transportation centers, Administrative centers and Home, important and sensitive industrial centers (including oil, gas, petrochemical ) is suitable and usually the procurement officials of these organizations pay special attention to these devices.

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