CSB UPS Battery

When choosing and preparing UPS battery, each person and company has different components from others. comments But among these, there are some cases that we all have a duty to pay attention to as much as we can, and at least until we do not have any problems and we do not suffer any harm from them, we should not refuse to comply with them.

One of the main things is paying attention to the compatibility of the purchased UPS battery with the environment. CSB company is one of the few companies that has followed environmental principles in its products without increasing the price or reducing the quality of its products.
About CSB Company
CSB Battery Company has been operating since 1987, that is, about 30 years ago. started. This battery production company is one of the top ten companies in the field of VRLA battery production in the world.

The lead acid batteries of this company are mass produced to other countries. Currently 4 separate huge factories in China, Taiwan and Taiwan. strong>, Vietnam and USA produce and supply CSB products.

Although some consider the company to be Taiwanese because of its origin, its American office is its main and registered headquarters, which means that the company can be assumed to be American. CSB products are distributed, sold and supported in more than 100 countries around the world.

environmental protection
As mentioned earlier, this company is one of the handful of battery companies recognized by ROC. This institute measures products in terms of compatibility with the environment. To prevent environmental pollution, CSB improved the materials and methods used to produce its products, and UPS batteries do not cause any harm to our planet.
International standards and certificates
The CTI approval from the United States Technical Research and Development Administration to provide new technologies is another honor that the CSB battery has received. CSB company’s products have ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18000, S.A DE C.V, UL, CE standards. This amount of international valid certificates guarantees the high quality and efficiency of these batteries.

Features of the products

These batteries can be charged many times, which means a long life.
With the seal applied, it can be applied horizontally, vertically and laterally. Its direction will never affect its safety and performance.
Using a special formula to produce calcium and lead alloy, the amount of destruction and the need for repair is close to zero.
UPS batteries of this company do not discharge by themselves and have high reliability.
Their resistance is low, so it is easy to charge and recharge, and the efficiency of energy production is also significant.

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